Zooba MOD APK 4.2.2 (Menu/Show enemies, items)

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NameZooba APK
PublisherWildlife Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu/Show enemies, items
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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MOD Infomation
  • Can shoot in water

Zooba is the place where the battles of the beasts take place. They continuously perform offensive actions to destroy the opponent. Zooba Zoo gathers many different animals. Here, each animal will attack and aim to destroy the enemy. Dramatic battles will occur, allowing you to step into the confrontations of the beast. In the world of fun animals, fight to be the lord at the zoo. Fight with teammates to defeat all opponents. Quickly maintain the position of a lord in this area.

Zooba mod apk

Download Zooba mod – The war between animals

Immerse yourself in a funny world with many animals. Join their duel, defeating each enemy one by one. Each animal will have different abilities. You will control your own character to enter that battle. Try to fight to be able to achieve high achievements. Facing a series of other animals, quickly counterattack. Try to fight and not let any force do any harm. The aim is to be the last survivor. Don’t let your enemies see your weakness. Attacks powerfully and makes the opponent unable to fight back.

Zooba mod

Players will play the role of their favourite animal to start the battle. Go to the zoo and perform attacks. Your fate will depend on your ability against the enemy. All will be opponents that the player needs to destroy immediately. At the same time, you can also connect with allies to fight enemies. Show up as a professional assassin, use the gun to move to the area you want. This battle will decide the lives of you and your teammates. The feeling of challenge and competition will be shown through each battle. The familiar shooting style also makes many gamers excited. Accompany your animal, fight to get the victory.

Zooba mod download

Fierce battle

The enemies will continuously perform attacks to be able to take your life. The multiplayer battles also make for a fun battle. Zooba also takes you to PvP arenas, including Solo and Duo modes to choose from. Play and connect with your many friends in Duo. Work together to make the enemy take death quickly. If you want to compete, assert your bravery with the enemy through each stage, choose Solo. Meet many formidable beasts with great power. Enter each battle and try to top the leaderboard. Conquer all the battles and be the winner.

Zooba mod android

Lovely character

The zoo will be home to cute animals such as rabbits, giraffes, bears… Those are the brave warriors at Zooba garden. From the appearance has made the player’s attention. Each animal will appear with different funny looks. In stark contrast to their adorable appearance, they have strong fighting abilities. Nix, Pepper and some other names will be characters to accompany you in the battles. Be fully equipped with skills, train your character. Bring your favourite animal into battle to destroy opponents quickly.

Zooba mod free

Collect and upgrade weapons

Indispensable combat weapons. In the process of participating in combat, do not forget to collect weapons. Search in all different locations to get new weapons. Up to 3 weapons and one skill can be picked up to face challenges. Each type will help you have more power and attack more fiercely. Use all strengths to defeat the enemy force in the fastest time. Weapon equipment is also a big factor to decide victory or defeat. Therefore, in addition to the strength you have, having more support equipment is extremely important.

After each successful attack on the enemy, you will also receive items. Accompany the character, go to each dramatic battle. The game images to the gameplay attract many gamers. Diverse battle maps, giving you access to many different areas. Download Zooba mod to become a warrior and fight with animals.

Download Zooba MOD APK (Menu/Show enemies, items) for Android

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