Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v4.5.116 (Menu/Unlimited money/Enemy bom no crash)

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NameZombie Tsunami
PublisherMobigame S.A.R.L.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Enemy bom no crash
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
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  • Unlimited money

V2: Menu mod

Enemy bom no crash
Set coins, diamonds

Zombie Tsunami is a game for you to be transformed into a zombie. Destroy cities and fulfill many other purposes. One of the many entertaining games with the zombie title. Offers simple quests and gameplay. You will play the role of zombies, complete the tasks to do. Quickly increase the number of troops even more. Join the Zombie Tsunami and come to the world of zombies. Make the city here disturbed, and people will also be affected by zombies.

Zombie games are too familiar to gamers. Most are fighting and attacking zombies to survive. However, Zombie Tsunami is different, and you will be the zombies. Players will live and have the way of thinking of a real zombie. Attack every location and bring cities under siege. Explore places with your friends and start with each plan. Come to Zombie Tsunami and make feats for your army. Development for the army will be more numerous, creating a great power. As a zombie, start your journey right away!

Zombie Tsunami mod

Download Zombie Tsunami mod – Become a zombie, destroy life in the city

Attack and do whatever it takes to make this place yours. No more humans, and all will turn into zombies. Move your troops and eat people. Turn them all into zombies and create your own warriors. Zombie Tsunami gives players a new feeling. Unlike other zombie games, you don’t have to stand up to the zombies and fight them anymore. Zombie Tsunami will let you be a zombie, making the city fall into a state of panic, without any human shadow. Turn for the city that will be the place of zombies and destroy everything on the way. Attack and make the zombie army more and more crowded.

Zombie Tsunami mod apk

Travel around the world

Players will be able to visit many different locations. Travel around the world and get more new experiences. Beautiful beaches and famous scenic spots. Airport with tall towers, majestic nature. All will be shown right in Zombie Tsunami. You will be able to go everywhere, broaden your horizons. Make trips and start with places you’ve never been. Zombie Tsunami with you create trips to the most beautiful places. At the same time, through each location, collect more items along the way. Quickly get more gold coins and move in the safest way.

Zombie Tsunami mod android

Quickly increase the number of zombies

From a zombie, the player will make many more increases. By eating more people appear while moving on the road. The more you eat, the more the number will increase. Create a group of zombies and gain more power. Take the opportunity and maybe even eat your friends. At the same time, walking on the road also needs to be careful not to let teammates fall into the cliff. Destroy vehicles such as cars, planes… to get more zombies. It is very simple to quickly increase the number of zombies. It is necessary to pay attention to dangerous sections of the road and drive them safely. Keep the zombies join the journey to destroy the city.

Zombie Tsunami mod free

Power of skills

Equip zombies with skills to increase their strength. Easy to move and can deal with obstacles on the road. Suddenly, cars, bombs, and bullets will appear to obstruct the way for zombies. If you do not observe and do not dodge in time, you will make zombies fall to death. Therefore, having more skills is also a way for zombies to be safer than ever. Includes skills like a tsunami, dragon, quartet, ninja, and more. It will help you avoid all vehicles on the road, destroy everything quickly. At the same time, collect bonuses and increase resistance to bombs. Helping all tasks will also quickly be completed in the best way.

Open up a world dedicated to zombies, where players will be immersed in them. Go everywhere and see beautiful cities. Turn this place will only exist of zombies. Download Zombie Tsunami mod joins the zombie army and attack human life.

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