Zombie Squad MOD APK 1.29.1 (Unlimited ammo)

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NameZombie Squad APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited ammo
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The name zombie cannot be ignored when it comes to horror games. The list of zombie games today is endless. Even if you are a longtime gamer, it is difficult to remember or try all of these genres. Each manufacturer adds new features and stories to their games to make them different and unique. So even if there are hundreds or thousands of zombie games, you still find the thrill and excitement when experiencing them. For example, Zombie Squad of Play 365 house, for instance. There are still zombie horror and gore, but tons of new content has made it unique. So let’s see how much appeal this zombie shooting game has.

Zombie Squad mod

Download Zombie Squad mod – Kill a bunch of zombies

The world in Zombie Squad unfolds into a zombie apocalypse. They appear in groups, do not group right in front of your car. The zombies are trying to block the car road. It is not easy for players to defeat them at the same time. The hideous bodies keep moving slowly towards your car as if nothing hesitates. They even cling to the door, the car’s roof, or every possible position. It is no exaggeration to say that they are as tough as leeches. If they keep chasing them, the player cannot continue driving. Sometimes zombies even attack and make you a zombie to join them. It’s a bunch of trouble.

Zombie Squad apk

The only way to move on is to clear these weeds. Any zombies that appear on the road need to be destroyed. Nothing should stop you from moving on. Use guns as the primary weapon in this war. You can drive while firing bullets at zombies. They are crowded and stand all over the road, so players should not just aim at one point. Keep firing the gun continuously so that no zombies are missed. In addition, the vehicle you are also driving can become a weapon. Rush your car into the zombies at high speed so they can’t move further. Or you can shake the car hard when the zombies cling to the vehicle, so they fall to the ground.

Zombie Squad mod apk

Avoid all obstacles

Players must avoid many obstacles other than zombies to progress far because collisions can damage your car. The accident even injured the character. In Zombie Squad, the path you must go through will stretch from one land to another. Depending on the characteristics of the terrain and the structure built there, the obstacles will be different. For example, on the highway, some cars are unloading. It will make your walking area much more minor. That means the possibility of facing zombies directly is also higher. When on the bridge, there is a horizontal barrier; you must drive the car to fly over.

Zombie Squad android

Car upgrade

Usually, other action games will let you buy cool cars from the store. But Zombie Squad is more special than that. You will have the opportunity to personalize your vehicle, making it 1-0-2. How? Let’s change its appearance and fighting ability. For example, you can create a car armor with a series of spikes on the hood. In addition, players also have the right to install the ultimate weapons on the vehicle. Although through many collisions, the car is somewhat rusty. But as long as you know how to coordinate the right accessories, it will be beneficial. More simply, players can choose new car models from the store.

Zombie Squad apk free

Weapon Selection

You will see a choice of weapons at the shop or the vehicle equipment area next to the car selection. A gun symbolizes it. Guns are also the primary tool for you to kill zombies in Zombie Squad. It is usually mounted right on the roof of the car. So you can both drive and kill zombies very smoothly. Depending on the type of gun, the way to discharge bullets is also different, with many levels of damage. At the same time, you also keep track of the amount of ammo used in total. No bullets should be wasted. So let’s aim properly at those hideous bodies to pass the way quickly. Do not forget to collect high-class weapons to maximize combat effectiveness.

The combination of action and horror makes Zombie Squad so enjoyable. Not too many different challenges. The critical task is still driving the car across one road after another. The zombies can’t stop you with good vehicles and weapons in hand. So keep an eye on all the screens’ stats to make the match go smoothly. Many players give a high rating to this game; how about you? Download Zombie Squad mod and join the journey through zombie-filled streets.

Download Zombie Squad MOD APK (Unlimited ammo) for Android

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