Zombie Hospital MOD APK 2.0.12 (Unlimited money)

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NameZombie Hospital APK
PublisherHot Siberians
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The global pandemic has completely changed the human world. All buildings and constructions collapse when there are footprints of zombies passing. Zombie Hospital will be a place for you and the survivors to build a place to save and defeat the zombies. Build a safe haven, research a drug to stop the source of the virus. Players will run all services and activities at the hospital. Responding to all impacts of the pandemic quickly brings peace to the world. Find effective treatment methods, build a reputable medical examination and treatment facility.

Zombie Hospital mod

Download Zombie Hospital mod – Research virus treatments

Zombie Hospital is not fierce battles, dangerous attacks. The game will bring a completely different view of how to kill zombies. Make the construction of hospitals and treat every patient. Prevent the spread of the virus, not an outbreak of disease. Human life has been changed, seriously threatened by zombies. You will have an important role, in solving all cases that occur in the hospital. Help people have peace, no longer being attacked by zombies. Become the zombie hospital tycoon, complete the noble mission.

Zombie Hospital mod free

Have you ever thought that you would build a hospital to treat people with viruses? Zombie Hospital is the place where you can do it quickly. Start with many different clinics on a large scale. At the same time, choose a location in the city center for convenient travel. Participate in the operation and management of activities taking place here effectively. Invest in facilities, specialized tools to support the research process. Cooperate with many doctors, quickly modulation a special treatment medicine. Take responsibility for the problems in the hospital, save the lives of millions of patients. Opening a new era for the whole world, there is no longer the appearance of zombies and disease-causing viruses.

Zombie Hospital mod android

Prevent the source of infection

The zombies will constantly perform invasions, aiming to destroy humans. The task that you must perform is to prevent the infection of the virus, not to let the zombies achieve the goal. Monitor the status of zombies, the actions they take to come up with a response. Build many solid buildings, establish a hospital for treatment. Clean every clinic and patient’s resting place. At the same time organize many activities for them to participate in such as singing, playing guitar… Install chairs in the outdoor area, provide all necessary tools. This will help the patient have a comfortable spirit, defeat the virus from the inside. A healthy resistance will be the fastest way to fight any dangerous infection.

Zombie Hospital mod download

Managing the workforce

The number of patients is very large, continuously increasing for a long time. This is also a big challenge for the doctors here. You alone will not be able to take care of all patients. Hiring more staff in charge will reduce the workload that needs to be handled every day. Recruit people with expertise and experience in the profession. Assign each specific job, arrange in the appropriate position. Equipping more medical equipment, training new staff in professional skills. With their companion, everything will also be resolved promptly and faster. Pay them a salary commensurate with their ability, ready to fire if they work without responsibility. Fully arrange staff for all examination and treatment departments in the hospital, meeting the requirements set forth.

Zombie Hospital mod apk

Restore life

It can be said that zombies are one of the most dangerous and difficult to control objects. They will take the lives of doctors and nurses at any time. The treatment of patients is tremendous pressure, need to face many impacts. Thorough monitoring, entertainment with the patient will be the way to recover quickly. Moreover, you will receive the corresponding amount when the cases are successfully treated. Developing the hospital’s reputation, attracting more people to come for treatment. Restoring the life of the undead is considered an extremely profitable business. To promote their ability and conduct research on medicines regularly, gradually reducing the spread of the disease to the outside.

Develop a career and demonstrate experience in treating viruses. Zombie Hospital will bring a whole new way to deal with zombies. Run medical facilities, hospitals, take care of every patient. Research on drugs to treat and prevent the invasion of pathogens. Download Zombie Hospital mod to prepare medicines to destroy the existence of viruses, bringing a peaceful life to people.

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