ZOMBIE FIRE 3D MOD APK 1.11.2 (Unlimited money, weapon)

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, weapon
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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ZOMBIE FIRE 3D is an adventure full of adventure, your enemies are the metamorphosed zombies. This zombie has a higher spread rate, they cover the entire area where you move. The world is now engulfed in the darkness of the apocalypse, and the picture of the stormy scene has opened. Your job now is to survive to the last moment, the fate of humanity is in your hands. The malicious viruses have attacked people, infecting everyone into zombies, the power of zombies colors the world. You can prevent the count from arising, but it will take a long time.

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D apk free

Download ZOMBIE FIRE 3D mod – Shoot zombies with rifles

Your appearance as a savior for the whole vast universe, you woke up before the apocalypse happened. Your moment of presence has been welcomed and looked forward to. The journey starts now; you no longer have much time to think. Please pick up the gun, observe the space and the opponent, and aim properly to defeat them. The zombies always know how to make it difficult for the player; they overwhelm you with numbers. Their attack intensity is equally fierce, pulling the swarm before you. Their power is highly stable; your shooter must also do it. Show off your gun skills right now.


ZOMBIE FIRE 3D gives you a rifle that specializes in war, suitable but requires someone to know how to use it. Players may be surprised by the control shortcuts, failure is easy, but it is a lesson for you to become more mature. The guns are all professionally designed and authentic. They possess great firepower, and dealing with enemies is also fast. Do whatever it takes to keep your gun under control. This is an important step that you must take first. Because when you smoothly control the weapon, the shooting angle will be more accurate, targeting many objects simultaneously and improving the efficiency of use.

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D mod apk

Fight all over the world

The wars are not limited to a confined space but extend to the whole world. Every nook and cranny can turn into an extreme disaster. The vast fields now also turned into burning dry grass. The city was also filled with the smell of smoke and bullets, and the railroads were a hotbed for battles. The dungeon caves have been expanded and exploited in large numbers. Such places have all appeared to be zombies; they are sweeping everything. You can’t stand watching nature, buildings, and houses being destroyed in such a pitiful way. Expand your battle terrain, go where to win the battle, and go there to rescue people successfully.


Change gun types

The gun is the only weapon used by ZOMBIE FIRE 3D and offers the broadest range of models. You can collect a vast collection of quality guns. The player owns the big guns, the most and the most powerful bullets. Swap out the new weapons you’ve conquered, experimenting with multiple models to find the right one. On the screen also only appears the gun but not your whole body. Focus on quality guns, so you get the results you deserve. Consider the weapon an indispensable companion; cherish and advance it to many levels. Becoming a good shooter is also one of the big goals.


Combined with tactics

When participating in a race of war, strategy is an essential part of your preparation. Have a blueprint for the agents that you make sure to succeed. Coupled with weapons are tactics, inseparable. Opponents possess a large force; it is easy to be overwhelmed if they do not know how to handle turns. Given strategies to conquer the minions first, they are easier to deal with. Get used to the intensity of the minions, then the boss’s turn, you have a more familiar feeling. Shooting rapidly and continuously is something you can do. The physical impact with them is continuous, ensuring better results.

ZOMBIE FIRE 3D takes you into a world filled with zombie survival. These evil enemies have appeared in your life and can not be dodged but only counterattacked. Preventing their arising is also a miracle. It would be best to remember that their spread is extremely fast that you cannot control. You and the world are just one step away from reaching the world’s end. Let’s fight fiercely with the mission to save humanity. Download ZOMBIE FIRE 3D mod, a zombie battlefield for the most resilient heroes in the universe.

Download ZOMBIE FIRE 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money, weapon) for Android

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