Zombie Diary 2: Evolution MOD APK 1.2.5 (Unlimited money)

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NameZombie Diary 2: Evolution APK
PublisherMountain Lion
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is the game that continues to bring the war between humans and zombies. Confront them and quickly remove the zombies from the area. The zombies constantly present the player with challenges. You will have to stand up and fight off an entire army of zombies. Combined with smart fighting styles, using powerful weapons. Quickly kill zombies and make them no longer able to survive. The battle is opened, there are constantly different attacks. You and your teammates will have to overcome and stop it as soon as possible. From there, ensure life and no longer be bothered by zombies.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution mod

Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution mod – War with cruel zombies

The world is turned upside down, disease outbreaks. One of the lucky ones who didn’t get sick and survived is you. Therefore, make the goal of killing all zombies and regaining freedom. Attack and render them incapable of spreading disease, for all those evil zombies will have to receive death. Take part in the raids and show your strength. Do everything to keep the city as well as the whole world will be peaceful. Zombie Diary 2: Evolution – one of the familiar zombie fighting games. Attracting a large number from the gaming community with unique gameplay. Destroy zombies and make the highest achievements in the battles.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution mod android

Life is always at stake, and death can strike. Zombie Diary 2: Evolution always brings surprises and attraction through each round. Create a unique feature completely different from games with the same theme. You need to kill those who have died from the disease, save the lives of those who are still alive. To bring life without the shadow of evil zombies. Become a hero, protect life, destroy evil. Together with Zombie Diary 2: Evolution and participate in fierce battles. Face each zombie and their comrades. Quickly master the world and make all zombies die.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution mod apk

Weapon system

The main weapons used are guns. Starting the game, you will be provided with a gun to attack zombies. Zombie Diary 2: Evolution brings a collection of guns such as pistols, rifles, cannons… All of these are guns that deal powerful damage. It has a very high ability to destroy enemies. Possessing a rifle, players can shoot from a distance, aiming at objects at the furthest distance. In particular, with cannons, the combat power of the gun is extremely large. It can shoot a large number of zombies at the same time. Players go to higher levels, unlock more new weapons. Upgrade guns and increase power during battle. More than 30 types will contribute to your battle quickly reaching the goal.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution mod free

Mystery map

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution has up to 11 maps. Each map will offer tasks to perform. Find where there are zombies and attack quickly. Causing all to die and be unable to resist. Going to each map in each round, you will meet evil zombies. Immediately extinguish the evil actions, the enemies are approaching. Up the game levels, players are involved in a larger battle area. At the same time, the number of zombies will also increase. They will always destroy, use every trick to take your own life. Concentration and skill in combat are essential. Set foot on maps, discover new locations, and make each opponent lose. Kill as many zombies, the player will win. End the destruction of the world created by armies of zombies.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution mod download

Bonuses and many items

To get bonuses and items, there is no other way but to fight. Get diamonds and gold coins every time the player completes the mission. The more zombies you kill, the higher the amount will be. From there, you can upgrade to combat weapons, build tactics. To quickly make all zombies have no way to survive. In addition, the training of heroes is also a way to collect money. Both help them increase their strength, and have more income. Let the player buy equipment and help the hero army eliminate all zombies in the area. Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution mod to destroy zombies, protect the world.

Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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