Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD APK 1.6.12 (Unlimited money)

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NameZombie Defense – Plants War APK
PublisherCSCMobi Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Zombie Defense – Plants War enters an epidemic of zombies, wars of plants, and obnoxious zombies. In this war, we don’t have to use force like an action game but use science to destroy. You will play the role of a scientist to propagate new plants, creating a sizeable ecological garden. This will give strength to fight against the zombie’s team, bringing peace to humans. Because of these zombies, people are scattered all over the place, each leaning toward one direction. You are the great hope that tong backs the old life to humanity, and there is no other way to use your brain.

Zombie Defense Plants War mod apk

Download Zombie Defense – Plants War mod – Kill zombies before the rampage

A whole pandemic of zombies has appeared. They are attacking closer than humans. They also do not have a satisfactory solution, so they must ask for your help. Your task is to create a new species and mutant genes to increase the counterattack power. It will be a war between plants and zombies, gentle but not gloomy. Not the screams of gunfire but the ultimate destruction. The unique ability of the plants you invent will be the key to success. They need to be reunited to produce a new plant. For science, it is not accessible if you do not grasp the characteristics of plants.

Zombie Defense Plants War mod

All operations are simple and easy to understand, and it is essential to focus on the creativity of each player. You can create your new superior product by combining plants. You are trying day and night with a noble mission to bring peace to humanity. With the many hardships you are enduring, success will surely come soon. What is easy to achieve, players will not enjoy the challenge. Therefore, be serious and try to create a dominant gene whenever you research. This world needs excellent inventions from you; let’s look forward to it. Make sure all your designs succeed before zombies visit you.

Zombie Defense Plants War android

Merge trees of the same level

When combining two planensuresure, they are of the same breed and appear at the same level. Ensuring that condition, you will create a top-notch product. Zombie Defense – Plants War offers more than 70 types of plants, and players are free to explore. Two hundred levels with three chapters, in turn, create exciting things when taking on challenges. Those impressive numbers make this game even more upgraded, attracting players most naturally. When merging two plants, after about 15 seconds, you will get a new plant. Then, arrange them in clusters one by one to facilitate the ecstasy of battle. Finally, use Angry Boost assist energy to superpower new plants.

Zombie Defense Plants War apk

Unlock multiple maps

Zombie Defense – Plants War has designed each small island area for players to explore. After experiencing it many times, you realize that the newest thing here is the terrain. The maps are already in hand, choose an area and move there. To successfully unlock the islands, you must defeat zombies and get many trophies. After the tournament, your strength also gradually upgraded according to your ability. Thanks to that surprise, you can win more battles and explore many terrains. Vacant lands need to be scientifically improved to breed at the front.

Zombie Defense Plants Wara apk free

War with zombies

The primary opponent in this journey is the stupid zombie. Their movement speed is not too fast but also increases with level. Masses flocked to your world, unyielding you stood up. You use the very trees you create to fight them. Arrange them in arrays and automatically fire bullets toward the zombies. Make sure the destroyed amount is entirely dead, leaving no trace here. They are also diverse and colorful, so be careful. They often go in groups, so it is very terrible; weak young trees will not be able to stand,

Zombie Defense – Plants War builds strong teammates and accesses much power. The zombie conspiracy is underway; quickly put down before it’s too late. Breeding speed also needs to be done urgently, and there can be no shortage when fighting. Each time for the fight, how many cumbersome things to prepare, but this time it was reduced. Your job is to control the workforce to go directly to the zombies. Kill all the zombies present in this world, can not forgive those destroying people’s lives. Download Zombie Defense – Plants War mod implements grafting to transform into many unpredictable powers.

Download Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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