You Are Mine! Otome Love Story MOD APK 1.1.390 (Free Premium choices, outfit choices)

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NameYou Are Mine! Otome Love Story APK
MOD FeaturesFree Premium choices, outfit choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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People often think of children’s games such as puzzles, gold mining, or violent shooting and fighting games. But there is a beautiful piece of the game world that is often overlooked. Those are otome-style romance games. Surely the sweet girls don’t want to miss You Are Mine’s charming boys! Otome Love Story. From the plot to its characters, it is like coming out of a cult anime. This will be the best choice for those who love interactive games. Especially interactive dating with passionate love stories. Hard to find an offline game as fun as You Are Mine! Otome Love Story by COMINO Inc. & INTEREST LLC.

You Are Mine Otome Love Story mod

Download You Are Mine! Otome Love Story mod – Become the main character in an interactive story

Interactive games are no longer strange to many young people, especially the new girls. They love to immerse themselves in captivating love stories. Otome games are trendy these days. In terms of gameplay, You Are Mine! Otome Love Story is not too different from other games in the same group. Here, you will be the master of the game and drive the story to the end. In other words, you are in control of the romantic happenings in You Are Mine! Otome Love Story. Each choice will lead to different situations. So try to imagine a bit of the possible outcome before making a decision. Lots of surprises are waiting for you.

You Are Mine Otome Love Story apk

Today’s gaming market is full of otome games. But they are never mixed by a core element. That is the plot. The plot creates a unique feature for each game. Although you are the one who makes the choices and the ending, everything revolves around the inherent property. With You Are Mine! Otome Love Story, everything starts with the small cafe where you work. There were two top-notch guys, the manager, and the deputy manager. Ironically, both of you have feelings for yourself. Receiving the approach and care from both sides, the young girl’s heart has often wavered and confused. Please help the character choose.

You Are Mine Otome Love Story mod apk

Create the perfect look for your character

The highlight is that You Are Mine! Otome Love Story brings that is magnificent character creation. The figure, face, hairstyle, and the character’s costumes are all very carefully groomed. It is worthy of calling them the male gods in the anime world. A privilege for you in this game is to become a stylist. Beautify the heroine based on a considerable stock of pre-designed outfits. Surely our girl can’t wear the same company when going to work at the cafe and on a date. Also, don’t forget to help the two male leads restore their beauty. Although they are inherently handsome, having the right outfit will make the girl much more sympathetic.

You Are Mine Otome Love Story apk free

Develop unique relationships

Very chill cafe space that You Are Mine! Otome Love Story is a suitable choice to develop a romantic relationship. The manager Asakage Kyou looks cold and temperamental. In contrast, deputy manager Saeki Mashiro has a much friendlier and younger face, but affection is not determined only by looks. The relationship between the heroine and the two handsome guys will gradually develop through exciting conversations and dating. Whether the race for love will cause the friendship between Asakage Kyou and Saeki Mashiro to crack is still a mystery. Hopefully, players will find the true love of life with a happy ending for this story.

You Are Mine Otome Love Story android

Interesting movie feature

You Are Mine! Otome Love Story is a free game. You can even join the interaction even offline. However, paying a small amount of money can lead to more incentives. For example, watching movies. You can go on a date with your favorite guy and watch a romantic film with him. Those will be great moments of connection. Don’t couple often choose to watch movies as the most enjoyable dating activity? More specifically, the manufacturer also provides players with subtitles. Thereby, you can watch the film in two languages ​​at the same time. So it is very convenient to play and learn at the same time.

You Are Mine! Otome Love Story will be a light entertainment choice for girls 12 and up because it has a gentle plot without too many complicated dramas. The most important thing is that you find the right guy for you. The beautiful interface is also a huge plus point of this game. Download You Are Mine! Otome Love Story mod and date your way.

Download You Are Mine! Otome Love Story MOD APK (Free Premium choices, outfit choices) for Android

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