X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK 12.0.1 (Unlocked)

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NameX-Plane Flight Simulator APK
PublisherLaminar Research
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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X-Plane Flight Simulator builds the most realistic aircraft simulation, you are the operator for these flights. Players have the right to build, operate and develop an airport complete with each stage. Take on challenges from takeoff to safe landing. Use the money to build a large airport campus with many modern techniques. The flying environment is more and more diverse; you also direct those aircraft to the sky. Combine with talented pilots to bring the most meaningful flight. Starting to build big airport projects, integrating many types of aircraft, you succeed.

X Plane Flight Simulator mod

Download X-Plane Flight Simulator mod – Experience the flying model

This big simulation has 11500 airports successfully built, from the first bricks helped you form the foundation base. Set up routes, terminals, areas for check-in and many external campuses. All procedures are carried out according to strict rules by directly affecting the flight. You will be the one to schedule the flights, taking turns to ensure technical safety. In addition, sit in the cockpit and use advanced flight technology, become a talented captain. Collaborate with other pilots to have great experiences in the sky that are hard to do in real life.

X Plane Flight Simulator android

You must choose a piece of land that matches the airport’s construction criteria. A large area of ​​land for construction of areas, detailed calculation of each item because this is a difficult field. You are also the operator of it all, so you need to take care of the challenges received from X-Plane Flight Simulator. Many other players are also embarking on career development, at this time many types of aircraft are released. Your airline needs to be famous, then it will be easier to do anything. Players are also taught basic knowledge about take-off and landing so as not to be surprised and avoid mistakes. Regulations on flight routes in the sky will also be updated, please pay attention.

X Plane Flight Simulator apk

Explore the inside of the plane

A complete aircraft will have a cockpit, customer seating areas, and additional service storage on board. X-Plane Flight Simulator offers liveries and interactive 3-D cockpits, through which you understand the flight process. The flight screen is also displayed with frequency measurement numbers, activity meters. To fly an ordinary plane you need to cultivate a lot of knowledge. The areas on the plane must be selected with the most modern technology. The system has many types of aircraft for you to choose from, large and small are available, the use of each type will also be segmented.

X Plane Flight Simulator mod apk

Full view of the sky

Plane Flight Simulator has designed beautiful scenes for players to enjoy the most. Explore Oahu, Hawaii, Washington, Austria, Alaska, and other new terrain types. You pass through the mountains, the clouds and enjoy the high air of the sky. This incredibly fascinating experience cannot be discovered everywhere, so please cherish it. Global landscapes are available but also require conditions to conquer. Sign up every month to receive magical views, and endless flight runs. Travel worldwide, land in new regions, and feel life wherever you go.

X Plane Flight Simulator apk free

Flight design

You must design the correct flight path for the best flight process. Take-off and landing areas need to be built separately, not close to where people live. This is the most dangerous campus; when the plane starts to take off, the pilot needs a lot of concentration. Adjust the airspeed, wing bend, and aircraft tilt. This flight path is designed with a great length according to the terrain. The terminals also appear from there; the aircraft maintenance center must also be set up. To have a professional organization, you must understand the basic knowledge when building. Get all the information from Plane Flight Simulator for a safe flight.

Plane Flight Simulator unlocks more than 50 aircraft systems and many new challenges. Emergencies are also constantly updated, so you know how to handle them. The take-off and landing procedures need to be detailed. Otherwise, it is easy to have an accident. Fly a lot to see the whole world from above, more splendid at night. Interact with many other players to gain more airport construction experience. Boost your airline’s reputation; the higher you go, the more opportunities you get. Install the most modern equipment to conquer the vast sky. Download Plane Flight Simulator mod, take over the airport, and do your job as a pilot.

Download X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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