World War Firing Squad MOD APK v1.27 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

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NameWorld War Firing Squad
PublisherGAME BITE.Inc
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Welcome to the fierce FPS shooting challenges in the World War Firing Squad mod. This world of bloody battles will become the place to register the best shooters. Play as sniper warriors and step into thrilling battlefields. World War Firing Squad is the place to bring the best action emotions. Massive enemies and engaging campaigns. This addictive game is sure to make any gamer mesmerized. Enjoy eye-catching gun battles with the perfect rendering of 3D technology. Exciting surprises await players in World War Firing Squad. Are you ready to enter mortal combat? On the way to doing the mission now!

World War Firing Squad mod

Download World War Firing Squad mod – Survival battle of talented gunmen

World War Firing Squad is the place for you to dedicate your abilities as a sniper. The game will take you to battlefields full of danger and death. Survival will determine the player’s future and destiny. Get ready for vital firefights. Players will take on the role of a commando army commando. You will have to lead your teammates through thousands of different enemy classes. Every place that the guerrilla detachment went to was a brutal war. This familiar shooting role-playing game in World War Firing Squad has created trends.

World War Firing Squad mod apk

World War Firing Squad exploits the context of World War 2. Your team will fight for the United States. The beginning is the image of the team landing in a forest from military parachutes. The battle in the game will be divided into two squads. Each side has goals and is equipped with various types of combat weapons. Besides fighting the enemy, you also have to face the difficulties of the terrain. The tasks set out all have their challenges. Step through the battlefields one after another in an extreme survival attempt. Those who are most likely to last the longest are the winners. It is not simply a victory for survival but also overcoming one’s limits.

World War Firing Squad mod android

Various types of powerful enemies

World War Firing Squad brings unique enemy classes. Those are the heavyweights you’ll have to face. Diversity will make you get different experiences. Each battle is equally challenging against opponents. They are also equipped with the same skills and weapons as your team. Most fighting in World War Firing Squad is generated by preset AIs. Depending on the level, the opponent’s strength will change accordingly. These AIs also fight fiercely and are no less attractive than the front army.

State-of-the-art weapons

It must be noted that World War Firing Squad has a powerful weapon system. The AK47 guns are capable of forming consecutive attacks. Ammunition is also very well equipped. In addition, players also see the appearance of combat vehicles. These are armored tanks, fighter aircraft, and military parachutes. The system of protective clothing for the character is equally attractive, from armor and helmets to specialized shoes and gloves. All these offers create the perfect equipment for warriors.

World War Firing Squad mod download

Conquer every arena and challenge level

World War Firing Squad will lead players to explore the arenas and levels. These arenas are reproduced very vividly. Combined with realistic battle sound effects, it has created an irresistible attraction. World War Firing Squad always knows how to stimulate the excitement of players. The change in context worked. Download World War Firing Squad mod to participate in survival and brutal FPS gun battles.

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