World War 2: Shooting Games MOD APK 3.62 (Menu/Dumb enemy/No recoil)

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NameWorld War 2: Shooting Games APK
PublisherEdkon Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesMenu/Dumb enemy/No recoil
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Set FoV // Custom FoV
Aim Assist // Increase Aim Assist
No Recoil // Removes Recoil
No Spread // Removes Weapon Spread
No Flashbang // Removes Flashbang Effect
Enemies won’t Shoot // Only against AI
Red Crosshair // Crosshair turns red when aiming at the enemy

World War 2: Shooting Games is a top-notch shooting game based on the context of World War 2. You will be a brave soldier who brings his body to the battlefield and does more than that. You are energetic and actively find every nook and cranny to survive in this world. The fierce battles will make you move to another place but still, do not forget the mission. Travel to many different lands, where they are also fighting for peace. The echo of the gunfire made this whole territory vibrate fiercely in every moment. You fight non-stop; the smoke of bombs covers the entire place there. The only way to counterattack is to save yourself.

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Download World War 2: Shooting Games mod – Complete the wars

The conflicts in World War 2: Shooting Games show no signs of ending. You are alone fighting in such a prominent place, the pressure of the enemy and your fighting ability. Instead, create the perfect battle position to trap the opponent and launch ecstatic tactics. Completing the tasks and the mission of saving people is also comprehensive; everything will be back to how it was before. This is the goal for you to try every day; overpowering the enemy army is what everyone wishes for. Fighting with other professional gunners is also a big challenge. Using bombs and guns to complete the signed contracts brings peace to the world.

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Strategies for using guns are essential, if not considered lost. The weapon’s manipulation is flexible, so you need to know its working mechanism. Pressing the trigger or taking a look before shooting is carefully prepared. Explosions explode, and the match lasts as long as you can. Emulate the enemy, and counterattack fiercely on their base. Let everything explode to quell their hiding place. Fight freely or with a team; either way, you must win. Join many talented soldiers to become the most potent team in history. Just fight like force heroes, save the whole world from war.

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Well-equipped with weapons

Players will use weapons as the primary tool to participate in wars in World War 2: Shooting Games. Constantly changing guns, weapon casings, and accessories such as bombs and bullets. Many top-notch things are combined simultaneously, and no opponent can counter this. Many weapons are moved to the mod space; choose whichever is in your possession. Players can completely use iron armor to dodge bullets from the enemy. Just take the most powerful gun, bring it to the battlefield and control it. Uses and destructive power are displayed on the screen, and the shortcuts also need to be used professionally.

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Experience multiple battle zones

World War 2: Shooting Games won’t disappoint players on the terrain they’re fighting in. Always realistic scenes, a land intact or destroyed? Go to places you have never been before, and many businesses need a savior like you. 5 areas are spread over where you operate; travel to those places to grasp the situation. In the mountains or the villages, there are wars. You will move quickly at each point you come to, finding every nook and cranny before being overpowered by your opponent. Epic battles are set at landmarks, proactively go and do the rest.

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Multiple action modes

Players can feel six game modes, from easy to complex, in World War 2: Shooting Games. An excellent general match is to go to each way to judge each assigned task. Team death and free combat are two schools of fighting according to the number of our troops. It is also acceptable if you want to be independent to take revenge on your own enemies, but team play is encouraged. You can experience ten players at the same time and side with each other. Flag robbery and the arms race will be aggressive tactics, using swords, bombs, or guns to execute. You need to link up with heroic partners to achieve good results in each mode. The Soviet Union, Germany, the United States… are all powerful countries that will be able to support you.

World War 2: Shooting Games has established itself with a resounding victory and remarkable achievements. To be a man who devoted his life to war is always honored. Players can customize themselves through the costumes of soldiers and the weapons they use. Quick wits and intelligence are always the top concern for every match. Complete the set goals and capture many territories. Many challenges are completed, and the opportunity to expand the skill is evident. Download World War 2: Shooting Games mod, pick up your gun, find enemies and destroy them.

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