Wild Tamer MOD APK v2.38 (Menu/God mode/1 hit kill)

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NameWild Tamer
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/1 hit kill
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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  • Gold, gem, resources free

Living in the wilderness will make you face many challenges. In the harsh situation of nature, finding food sources is extremely difficult. Wild Tamer will be a place for you to have a more realistic view of that, facing even ferocious animals. Therefore, the battles against animals have also become more and more fierce. At the same time, you will also need to tame some other animals. This will also help the lives of the people here be more peaceful. The tamed animals will become pets, protecting everyone. Join the battle on each front, win the victory.

Wild Tamer mod

Download Wild Tamer mod – Taming animals to join the fight

Wild Tamer is a game with many diverse missions, bringing fun to each gameplay. Players will have to fight in the matches, eliminating all ferocious enemies. Completing the noble task, of helping people live in peace. Step by step, tame all animals, achieve the set goal. Explore every happening, become a talented magician. Stop all the enemy’s dangerous actions and explore the ancient world with many exciting developments. The Wolf is also a game for you to live in the wild, to accompany the wolf with many interesting experiences.

Wild Tamer mod free

This place will let players see a multitude of different animals. From small animals to giants are provided by Wild Tamer. You will have to make the arrangement of the army, ready for each battle to begin. The larger the squad, the more advantages will be created in each game screen. Against wild monsters, gather a large number of animals on the team. Cooperate to fight on all battlefields, become one of the magicians who can eliminate all demons.

Wild Tamer mod download

Learn about animals

Knowing about each animal’s characteristics is also a way to our advantage. Each species will have different strengths and weaknesses that you need to exploit. Based on what has been observed and learned to have the most reasonable way to cope. Reach all the animals, defeat them in each battle. This process will also take a lot of time, requiring patience. Once you have a good understanding of each animal, facing them is no longer a difficult thing. There are ways to fight each species, speeding up the taming speed. Understand each animal’s personality and strength to destroy the evil bosses. Own many breeds of pets, build a powerful army to participate in every match.

Wild Tamer mod apk

Explore the battle terrain

There is quite a lot of terrain for players to move and explore. Each place will have different topography and natural features. Players will also need to observe and adapt to the area they just moved to. Capture every path and where the animals live. Taking advantage of the terrain brought, there is a way to attack dangerous monsters. Each area will open up battles, allowing you to show your strength. Conquer all levels, worthy of the title of a talented magician. Eliminate the opponents, do not let any animals can defeat. Carefully consider each terrain, be ready to face ferocious animals. Master, the game, defy challenges to get the victory.

Wild Tamer mod android

Animal training

To be able to attack your opponent, you will need to use your tactics. Taming all animals will also be a way to fight the enemies. Select potential animals with enough strength to join the battle. Once you have tamed them, you will be the owner and manager in that area. Create a large squad, work together to fight other enemies. At the same time, do not forget to upgrade and train new skills for animals. Raise your power to destroy all enemies, fight on all fronts. Arrange into each position in the army, assign specific tasks. Survive in harsh environments, eliminating all enemies. Equip each animal with experience and strengths to accompany you on your challenging journey. Download Wild Tamer mod to join the battle with tamed animals.

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