Who is? MOD APK 1.6.16 (Unlimited Bulb)

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NameWho is? APK
PublisherUnico Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Bulb
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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You want to explore your own intelligence, challenge with difficult puzzles. Then don’t miss Who is? this will be the game for you! Bring a new style of play and observe the images and actions from the characters. There aren’t any complicated matches or puzzles like some games of the same genre. This has also made the game more attractive to gamers. Try before the levels from easy to difficult and find the mystery’s answer. Get your own answers, achieve high scores through each level.

Who is mod

Download Who is? mod – Wisdom solves all mysteries

Who is? was born from the famous game publisher Unico Studio. The publisher always brings fun entertainment games and Who is? is one of them. Rely on your own abilities and complete the ultimate level. Train your brain in your spare time gain more skills through playing games. Observability will also be enhanced after a while of playing. The gameplay is quite simple, relieve all stress quickly. Solve puzzles by finding clues through the items provided. Challenge everything through your sharp brain right now.

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It will not be easy for you to overcome. Every question asked makes you feel confused with the difficulty brought. You need to reason rely on logic to complete the game. Avoid making unnecessary mistakes, starting with every given situation. The game will also have many ways to make you fooled, you need to pay attention when playing. Clearly define the goal through each character’s actions, focus your thoughts to complete the challenge. The later, the more absurd things are, it makes players confused by the hard-to-find clues. It also requires you to be patient when playing.

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Looking for clues

The game offers many different situations for you to solve. A lot of problems occur that you need to find the answer to. Searching for the person who caused the murder cases, harming innocent people. Help the child find his mother, the hidden ones. Countless situations are brought up that players need to face. Anything is possible, and sometimes it will also get you fooled. Being alert and using a sharp mind is how to get through everything easily. Time is limited, and you need a quick answer. Results will be announced shortly, along with other details. The more all the clues are found, the better the chances of entering high levels are no longer so difficult.

Who is mod apk

Addictive gameplay

The point that attracts a lot of gamers is the gameplay. Sometimes making the wrong choice brings anger to the point where you want to give up. But that will also motivate you to try and move on with another question. What’s even better is that when there is a win, the next motivation will excite the player. New levels of play will also be provided, causing curiosity and more challenges. Many valuable prizes will be given to the winners. Unique, colorful images and more and more diverse game modes. That’s what makes Who is? never create boredom when playing.

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Get rid of the personal ego

Stubborn thoughts are what make you prone to mistakes. Although it is inevitable that wrong guesses will occur, what you see is not necessarily true. However, each player needs to see and monitor in many directions. It is necessary to abandon personal prejudices, not to use emotions immediately. Seeing things in one order, not according to logic, will lead to defeat. At the same time, don’t use emotions to solve problems. Just looking at the character’s eyes, lines, and actions is not believable. Pay attention to observing receive all information to get the most accurate answer.

Train your brain and challenge yourself with exciting situations. Who is? is an excellent choice for people who like this theme. Discover all the hidden surprises, investigate every clue. Download Who is? mod to become a perfect puzzle master.

Download Who is? MOD APK (Unlimited Bulb) for Android

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