War Fire MOD APK 1.2.1 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

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NameWar Fire APK
PublisherRise Games
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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All you can do in War Fire is aim accurately to win. FPS shooters always prioritize the player’s reflexes and shooting skills. Combine with teammates or go alone to the battlefield to defeat each enemy to win. The gameplay will determine what role you play in the battles. Everything will be recreated at War Fire. Online and offline modes for players to enjoy anytime they want. Become a special agent hunting terrorists or become a terrorist to plant bombs in the most brilliant locations. The game always allows you to choose two factions to fight and bring victory to the whole team.

War Fire mod

Download War Fire mod – Shoot comfortably with light capacity

The design of War Fire is not too different from many other popular FPS shooters. Because the developer doesn’t want it to become too complicated to reach for many players, it will be easier to play War Fire if you are familiar with the basic shooting mechanics. With the most basic and easy-to-use navigation and navigation keys on smartphones. You have a joystick to move the character to anywhere on the map. The other side is the buttons to fire, change weapons, jump, lie down… These are all basic operations in the shooter game. Players are also free to vary the position of the buttons depending on their dominant hand. If it’s already installed, let’s start fighting.

A battle in War Fire will always require you to kill an enemy. There are many game modes, but we will talk about them later. The most common scenario that all players experience is the never-ending confrontation between special forces and terrorists, a story that is too familiar to shooter gamers. The two factions constantly confront each other through each location and mission. Terrorists always have the plot to plant bombs to destroy everywhere. Meanwhile, special forces will defuse bombs and destroy all evil terrorists. Shooting skills will be the most important regardless of which side you are on. The key to victory will be tactics, skills, and intelligent use of terrain.

War Fire mod apk

Constantly changing weapons

The arsenal is what everyone thinks about when playing War Fire. Unsurprisingly, War Fire will offer players the widest variety of guns, the most stable and used rifles. Sniper guns require very high skill and precision, light submachine guns for quick and easy movement. Machine guns have a lot of ammunition and are suitable for long battles. For each match, the player will choose the primary weapon, and the rest are pistols and melee weapons. A standard squad must have all kinds of guns to meet many positions. The guns also have special decorative paint and Express your personality and interests on the battlefield.

Shooting guns everywhere

Maps are an integral part of shooting games. It will determine the gameplay and tactics the factions set before the start of the match. With War Fire is no exception to that rule. A system of dozens of maps for players to explore and experience independently. You and your teammates will plant bombs at train stations. Defend the park from smart terrorists. Or fight uncompromisingly in the legendary desert. Each map brings a whole new battle. Take advantage of objects and objects there to hide. Enemies won’t be able to hear your footsteps and get trapped. Place the bomb in a fixed position for both teams to gather there.

War Fire mod apk free

Easy mode change

War Fire brings tension and drama, whether against players or computers. When you have friends, it’s much more fun if you’re all on the same side. Take control of the map and unleash tactics to take down your enemies. Fighting against the computer also has its fun. When they are genuinely aiming gods with a terrifyingly accurate aiming speed. The option between multiple modes, such as bomb placement, is the most common. One faction will plant the bomb, and the other side will defuse the bomb. Or the survival mode when you will try to be the last survivor. Chaos mode is a confrontation of two factions to see which side has the most kills.

FPS shooting will be more and more popular and developed in the future as more and more titles are released over time. War Fire is a product worth trying at the moment. Suitable for both online and offline play. Team up with teammates or survive alone to win. Players will choose their best way to experience in War Fire mod.

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