Vivid Knight MOD APK 1.3.1 (Menu/Stamina Regen/Gem mats injection)

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NameVivid Knight APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Stamina Regen/Gem mats injection
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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MOD Infomation

Stamina Regen (Move currency of the game)
Keen Injection (Money of the game)
Gem Mats Injection

If the game crash after settings the permission overlay, just reinstall the apk without uninstall

Are adventurers ready to take part in asobism’s strategy game Vivid Knight? This game will take you to explore the deep dungeons, many nooks and crannies. There are also countless monsters and dangerous bosses waiting. Although everything is so complex, you should not ignore this game. Why? Because your friends are being captured and imprisoned in the dungeon. Besides, another thing that is also very attractive is the gems and jewelry. What adventurer wouldn’t love to participate in a rescue and treasure hunt!

Vivid Knight mod

Download Vivid Knight mod – Conquer dungeons and collect precious treasures

Entering the game, you need to choose a team of three members for yourself. After selecting the teammates you want to fight with, the next step is choosing the game screen. Next, you will begin your exploration of the dungeon. There are many passages under the dungeon. To select one of them, click on the arrow that appears in that path. In each advance are hidden countless dangerous monsters. When your team and the monster encounter each other, the battle officially begins. The way of fighting will take place in a turn-by-turn attack style. Players will choose the combat abilities for the character so that they defeat the monsters.

Vivid Knight mod free

The characters in the game have adorable Japanese anime-style images. The system always refreshes the game screen. Each time Vivid Knight takes you to a new map, you will always feel stimulated. Vivid Knight belongs to the adventure game genre and is very strategic. What you need to find out are the gems. Each gem is hidden within mighty magical powers. Your team will be highly beneficial if you know how to use them properly and thoroughly. The stones provide enhanced ability for attacks, defence, and healing. They will help players defeat the most fearsome monsters.

Vivid Knight mod apk

Collect gems

Your task in this game is to collect precious jewels. To collect them, players will need to overcome the challenges of the levels. The jewelry after collecting will help enhance your character’s fighting ability. When you have a lot of jewelry, then combine them. Random combinations can create a fascinating new power. To upgrade jewels, players can collect copies and combine them. After being upgraded, the jewelry brings even more great uses for you. Winning the dungeon would be simple.

Vivid Knight mod download

Defeat the boss

The challenges will become more and more difficult for you. After going through a certain number of tables, you will enter a difficult challenge. You will have to confront the most giant and most terrible bosses in it. He has a lot of henchmen and guards. Players enter the dungeon, killing hordes of minions. Then you proceed to compete with the boss. The fighting ability of the bosses is highly terrible. The only way for you to win them is to build a strong fighting squad, linking members methodically. Besides, do not forget to upgrade and reasonably use attack and defence moves.

Vivid Knight mod android

Accessories for teammates

You alone cannot win the challenges in Vivid Knight. It would be best if you had the support of close teammates. To add combat power to teammates, adding accessories is inevitable. Each hero style will come with unique accessories. You can find these accessories in the mysterious chests in the dungeon. An accessory set includes weapons, armour, shields, hats, and other jewelry. Possessing them will help the character increase the attack, defence, speed and HP stats. To deal with increasingly powerful monsters, you need to make the above stats increase.

Vivid Knight is the cutest and funniest strategy game ever. The game has beautiful images and attractive tactical gameplay. Sparkling stones are being buried deep underground. Come and excavate them. Overcoming hordes of evil monsters and the most fearsome bosses is the only way for you to reach the top of glory. Download Vivid Knight mod to join the fascinating underground exploration, collect and own precious stones containing supreme magical power.

Download Vivid Knight MOD APK (Menu/Stamina Regen/Gem mats injection) for Android

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