Vikings and Dragon Island Farm MOD APK 1.47 (Unlimited money)

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NameVikings and Dragon Island Farm APK
Publisherforanj - farm day games & paradise township hotels
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Increase when spent

Vikings and Dragon Island Farm are where you will be managing a farm of your own. Start with building and operating in the northern land in Viking island. Develop for this place, earn money from your labor. Cultivating and raising livestock, trading with traders. Many different jobs will be assigned for you to perform through each level. Take advantage of land and living environment to develop industries. Quickly become a rich, experienced ranch owner. Welcome visitors to visit, build up a bustling town.

Vikings and Dragon Island Farm mod

Download Vikings and Dragon Island Farm mod – Build and develop a farm

Farming and livestock will be the jobs that you will have to do. Everything will be done when you join the Vikings and Dragon Island Farm game. Accompany the character and work every day. The working life in the game is also described in a realistic way, similar to reality. Creating entertainment as well as giving you experience in production. Together build a large farm, get high profits after hard working days. Let’s join Vikings and Dragon Island Farm in exploiting and developing the entire barracks.

Vikings and Dragon Island Farm mod free

The game will take you to the living area of ​​the Vikings. They have been dubbed as hardworking people with a lot of experience in production. Let you feel the peace, far from the life in the city dust. Do things every day such as planting trees, raising animals… You will be the one to make a farm full of different agricultural products and livestock. That will be a source of income, generating output for trading and making money. Bringing many models with diverse breeds of livestock and plants, harvesting with high yield. Collect more resources and develop the economic potential of Viking island.

Vikings and Dragon Island Farm mod apk

The process of building and upgrading

From a wildland, you need to go through the process of making renovations. Building a system of barns, hoeing to create fertile land for cultivation. Transform from a barren area to fertile land, bringing great income value. Making many large and spacious projects, meeting all requirements in production. At the same time, build more iron ore and salt mines. Utilize all resources to complete construction quickly. Make sure the stables are solid and have all the necessary equipment. This process will also take some time to execute, speeding up the work to continue with the next task.

Work at the barracks

After building the barracks, you will begin to proceed with the daily work. As a farmer, you will have to take on all different tasks. Plow the soil, plant trees, water, and fertilize. At the same time, plant many kinds of fruit trees, creating a green garden. Combined with farming is breeding, taking care of livestock to grow up day by day. Raising more fish and octopus in the sea, diversifying livestock breeds. Collect more rare resources, produce all items for consumption in the market. After getting used to working for a while, implement a plan to help the farmers increase productivity. Earn high income, improve production facilities for barracks.

Vikings and Dragon Island Farm mod android

Your own town

After living on the island for a long time, you will be a genuine resident here. Start setting up with many new relationships, create your own town. Welcome, everyone and visitors to visit, bring a happy atmosphere. Each citizen will be a companion, conducting economic development together. At the same time, they will also open many exciting activities for you to participate in. Search for treasures at sea, trade and exchange food, food. Expand the town with massive constructions, providing stable income value. Spend the day working on the farm, having fun with the people around.

Managing a barracks is never easy, it requires a lot of experience. Experience life on Viking island with friends, build a bustling town. Circulating, trading and producing many items for trading. Upgrade for a more modern farm, taking on the role of an experienced boss. Download Vikings and Dragon Island Farm mod to run all activities on the farm.

Download Vikings and Dragon Island Farm MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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