Twist Hit! MOD APK v1.9.10 (God mode)

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NameTwist Hit!
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Do you often follow or update news about the world around you? In the 21st century, technology is getting more modern day by day and gives us countless ways to update information. Indeed, you have also heard, read, or seen about the state of the environment in the world, right? A massive problem in this area is the shrinking of the number of forest areas. Each game, almost all of them, not only has its purpose of entertainment but also carries an accompanying message. Twist Hit! also. This is a straightforward game; even a 3-year-old can do it. And especially, it gives us a lesson about the awareness of planting forests.

Twist Hit mod

Download Twist Hit! mod – Join to save the forests

The scene where Twist Hit! opened up are lands that seriously lacked the shade of trees. Because of that, they look dehydrated and barren. It evokes the feeling of an area without life. However, look at the scene in Twist Hit! We also have to be a little hesitant. It seems that, in fact, on our green capital planet, there are also many “dead” lands like that. So, this game gives you a noble task. But wait, it’s not just a task but also a call to “plant forests.” Players will create a vast forest from the minor thing – growing single tree trunks. So for each level, you need to save three trees alive.

Twist Hit apk

With Twist Hit!, the producer SayGames gives you an effortless experience of growing green trees. This game is in the form of tap-to-play, so it is exciting to play without spending any effort. If you’ve ever been attentive in biology class, you probably remember that the structure of a tree trunk will have many rings. Twist Hit! It will help you refresh your knowledge a little bit. At first, on every stump in Twist Hit! Then, there will be a core ring available. Your job is to adjust the nutrient spray gun to fill the rings around it that are still empty. When all the coils are sprayed to a full circle, the tree will grow up by itself with luxuriant branches and leaves. So you become a cool-handed planter.

Twist Hit mod apk

Avoid obstacles

Afraid that it’s too easy can make you bored, right? Rest assured that SayGames has taken that into account. In addition to the essential core layer available, there is also a black obstacle that looks extraordinarily uncomfortable and entangled on the stump. It is born to prevent you from doing good. When the nozzle hits that black mass, all the nutrients will splash. And so the tree doesn’t grow, and you lose. So, combine your skillful hands and sharp eyes to stop when the obstacle rotates. Nutrients must be accumulated in the trunk, but falling out is too wasteful and useless.

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Unlock different varieties of plants and nozzles

Contributing to and contributing to the diversity of the ecosystem requires more than one type of tree. The forest should have different tree species that take root and mature. This task is up to you. Play well to be granted the right to unlock wide new varieties. Especially in Twist Hit! store very high-value currency is gold bullion. If you pay attention, you will see it appear every time we spray nutrients to the outermost layer. This is a practical item if you want to collect a lot of green plants. Moreover, you can also upgrade the nutrition gun. More modern nozzles can help us quickly and accurately fill the trunk without hitting obstacles.

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Faced with increasing challenges

For every level in Twist Hit! you only save three green trees. So if you want to have the whole forest, then plow more levels. And the challenge becomes a little more complicated later. The obstacles will add and puzzle your agility. It may not be one black mass but two, or three, making it challenging to provide nutrients to the plant seamlessly. In addition, the rings also rotate continuously, making us a little dizzy. In that case, take advantage of solid spray when there is a gap and stop and wait for the opportunity when the black block rotates. After each turn, you will know how many trees you have saved to continue this meaningful task.

A simple yet meaningful game like Twist Hit! then why not try it now. You will be going to many locations to save the forests there. The control is easy, and the results are obtained very quickly. Graphics of Twist Hit! Although simple, you will find the eyes comfortable with the harmony of natural colors. In addition, you can also see the score at each goal and your record to try harder. Download Twist Hit! mod and rescue the endangered forests.

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