True Skate MOD APK v1.5.50 (Unlimited money)

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NameTrue Skate
PublisherTrue Axis
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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True Skate is a game for you to skateboarding, starting with many challenges. The skate park will be a place for players to participate. Enjoy the exciting game screen, giving players moments of relaxation. This is one of the sports that many young people love. Skateboarding requires a lot of skill, how to go through any terrain. True Skate will be a place for players to show their talents and conquer all levels. Are you one of those who love skateboarding? It’s that simple when it comes to True Skate. Real feelings are no different from reality. Experience at the skate park, win.

True Skate mod

Download True Skate mod – Join skateboarding of fun

Skateboarding is one of the activities that bring relaxation to players. It is not difficult to catch such a sight when walking through the park. There are always young talents trying their hand at different levels. Participate in each challenge, show your own level. With just one board, you can completely do it. Weather is an issue that directly affects the process of skateboarding. True Skate is an optimal solution, you can play at any time, no matter what the weather. Great feeling, each level of play will make you unable to leave the game. Participate in skateboarding, set high achievements.

True Skate mod apk

A professional athlete, capable of peak skateboarding. Enter each tournament and quickly get the perfect score. This journey will have the companion of the board. From a beginner, train every day to become even more professional. The simulation game will not let you down when choosing. Creates skillful movements, making many people admire. Skateboarding on mobile has never been so easy. Anytime, any time you want, let’s experience playing True Skate. Become a talented athlete, despite all the difficult challenges.

True Skate mod free

Real skateboarding experience

What happens in True Skate is displayed realistically. You will control the board to move on the terrain. Use your fingers and make various movements. Instead of controlling the character, the plank is what the player needs to balance. Do not allow the board to be overturned, to avoid unnecessary incidents. Let the board move forward, swipe back, it will immediately be done. In some other movements, the player will swipe up on the screen. All operations are simple, easy to play right from the first time. There are also other special skills like kickflip and backside. This technique is for those who have a lot of experience and are proficient in all movements.

True Skate mod android

Buy new plank

The board will be your companion throughout the game. Initially, the player will be given the default board provided. It will work with you to start conquering the levels, affirming your talent through each challenge. Not only is it a place to make top-notch technical performances, but collecting planks is also a desire of many players. Upgrade to more colorful, beautiful planks. Buy more skateboarding training courses, more modern boards. Collect the perfect skateboards, filling the collection even more diverse.

Slide across multiple terrains

Different terrains are shown in True Skate. Many dangerous positions challenge gamers. Stairs, city streets, parks. For those new to the game, start with the easy terrains. Choose a flat road, without too many obstacles. That will help to achieve a high score, quickly leveling up will no longer be an obstacle. Coming up with many dangerous techniques after mastering each move, getting used to how to play. Players should learn and explore the terrain to join the challenge.

You want to try a new sport, True Skate is a suggestion. Skill and understanding are the factors that will help players win. Challenge other opponents for extra drama. Compete to be the ultimate skateboarder. Complete the game screen, score high scores. Download True Skate mod skateboarding tournaments with skillful movements.

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