TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars MOD APK (Menu/DMG multiple/God mode)

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PublisherSpace Ape
MOD FeaturesMenu/DMG multiple/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Global battle occurs with the participation of talented warriors in TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars. Fierce fighting on Earth will take place where robots will compete. You will accompany them to fight and fight in many battles. Form a battle alliance, eliminate all opponents from the area. Each opened matrix brings challenges for players to conquer. Take advantage of talented warriors, quickly destroy all enemies in a quick time. Come up with offensive tactics and decisive battles to win every match.


Download TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars mod – Alliance fight in battle with Earth

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars is built with tactical, offensive gameplay. The game creates drama through each game development has also attracted the gaming community. Players quickly build a strong battle squad, showing their strength. Each character in the game is shown with realistic 3D images, bringing you to the world of robots. The robots will be warriors with you to destroy opponents on the fronts. Deploy each attack, don’t let the enemy survive. Battle with many players, defeat each opponent through smart fighting. Combine methods and tactics to make the enemy fall.

TRANSFORMERS Earth Wars mod free

Fighting in TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars, you won’t be alone. Link strength with allies, all talented warriors to face challenges. Enter the journey full of dangers, strong enemies. It is very important to focus on attacking and being on guard against all enemy actions. Summon outstanding heroes, form a powerful squad to defeat all enemies. Develop your ability through each game, take advantage to achieve the desired results. Summon robots, attack on every battlefield and explore the fierce battle.

TRANSFORMERS Earth Wars mod download

Destroy the villain

Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave are evil villains. You need to attack and prevent the opponents on the battlefield. Concentrate your forces and deploy the army to conduct the duel, eliminating the first enemies that appear. With many enemies continuously increasing through the level, achieving victory had to go through an arduous process. The opponent will not stop counterattacking, taking all actions to achieve the goals. You will show your bravery when going through the battle through the villain, actively performing the attack. Apply strategies and plans that have been deployed to deal with enemy forces.

TRANSFORMERS Earth Wars mod apk

Warrior abilities

Summon Autobots or Decepticons from anywhere in the world. With each Transformers will have their own strengths and strengths. Harness the power while attacking, take advantage of the strength to confront many bosses. Equip them with new skills and experience to have the right fighting style. Each warrior contributes their battle strength and talent to destroy the opponent. Turn the situation around and change the strategy depending on the battlefield situation. Optimus Prime, Grimlock and Bumblebe will be classic heroes, powerful, ready to accompany on the journey to battle. Don’t forget to upgrade your strength and prepare enough luggage for the hero before fighting. Eliminate the plot, intercept the attacks from the enemy.

TRANSFORMERS Earth Wars mod android

Vast battlefields

The place where the battles will take place will stretch across the Earth. There is no fixed location at all, and you will be present in every battle. Enemy bases will also be concentrated, and you will have to destroy them immediately. The enemy fortress is quite solid and is always guarded. Therefore, challenges and dangers will be a threat to the army. Depending on the battle, there will be different fortresses, arranged separately. The only goal is to topple the enemy fortress and gain more resources. Travel to all battlefields, compete in multiplayer events. At the same time, build a solid, impregnable fortress. Conquer levels, coordinate with allies to launch powerful attacks.

Defend Energon and build fortresses, advancing across the Earth’s front. Affirm your fighting spirit through attacks, become the strongest hero. Equip special abilities, set up a large squad to declare war. Download TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars mod fierce battle on planets.

Download TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars MOD APK (Menu/DMG multiple/God mode) for Android

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