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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
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Township is a game for you to build a town with many locations. Explore lands and grow crops. Players will start with jobs like a real farmer. Daily will take care and monitor the growth of plants. Moreover, you make the city also appear with new buildings. The main roads are crowded with people. Innovate the city to be more beautiful than ever. Township will give you a combination of rural and urban. So that players will experience a lot of new services. Both a hardworking farmer and the one who makes the city more livable.

Players will be involved in many different activities. Perform quests to develop the town. Combining city life and country life, everything will bring different interesting things. Mining and making the place where you live will be full of everything. Step into life and trade with many other places. Use the food sources that you produce. It is a way to exchange, buy, sell and export with traders. Township will be a place for players to start with many different plans. Make a bustling town and create it yourself. The Simpsons: Tapped Out and FarmVille 2: Country Escape are also games for you to come to life with many personal plans.

Township mod android

Download Township mod – Build your own town

Have you ever thought that you would build a town? A place where people’s lives and other activities take place. Coming to Township, players will be able to do that. Cultivate and hoe to create new varieties of plants. Then harvest the fruits after days of labor. In addition, making the city more crowded, creating favorable conditions for doing business. Exchange with many people everywhere, trade and exchange goods. Everything will be done by you. Get together with Township and start living here. Participate in all the activities that are offered and make life richer. To build a town, what will it take? Get started right away with Township, and you’ll get the answer yourself.

Township mod free

Buildings and many decorations

A city with the appearance of wide roads. Luxury high-rise buildings and many large constructions. Players will build many different buildings, expanding the scale. Build roads and overpasses for traffic to pass. The city is always crowded with people. In particular, this place will be a favorable condition for human development. Meet new people, socialize, and trade goods. Township will let players be like construction engineers. All ideas will be expressed through the image of the city itself. Make a beautiful city with many different decorations. Be a city manager and come up with creative ways to make your city richer.

Township mod apk

Barracks and gardens

Grow for each crop you have, fertilize daily to quickly harvest. Township will be a place for you to grow and raise many pets. Developing for the area, you live in will add many new food crops. Daily hoeing, plowing, and reclaiming new lands, increasing the area of ​​planting land. Breed animals and raise them up. Make large barracks and full of different plants and animals. Take care of them often and don’t let them get sick. All are familiar pets such as dogs, chickens, ducks… Build more factories to increase production. Harvesting when in the crop and making the barracks will bring a lot of high profits. Expand and explore more new lands. Make your garden will have all kinds of plants, have more new farms.

Township mod

Decorate the town more beautiful

Not only people who will develop the economy and bring high income. You are also the one who makes the image of your town more beautiful and splendid. Helping people’s life here will also be more complete and comfortable by building more amusement parks, zoos, cinemas, and more. So that people will be entertained, visit and come to town more. Improve living standards and increase the population. The goal is to have a green, clean and beautiful city. The towers are tall and take a new height. To make the whole town better, start with hard work. To be able to harvest and get a lot of money back. From there, players will be able to invest in a new image in the area they live in. Show up with many beautiful areas and many other buildings.

Start with farming and raising animals every day. Make many different plans to be able to build a beautiful town. Download Township mod to manage the city of your dreams.

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