Tiles & Tales MOD APK 2.7.0 (Unlimited money, lives)

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NameTiles & Tales APK
PublisherKuu Hubb Oy
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, lives
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Tiles & Tales explores multiple storylines through a match-3 game; the gameplay is simple but enjoys many things. The story’s chapters are different, and you must experience those fun things yourself. Players are free to decide their level, meet many new friends, and start an incredible journey. Events come to you in many different directions, sometimes unexpected but peaceful. Every choice depends on your decision; feel the plot through interaction. Solve puzzles to get more facts, not let the story be interrupted. Create your account, and leave a lot of impressions when you are finished.

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Download Tiles & Tales mod – Decode match-3 to unlock the story

The player must take the puzzle to give themselves a chance as they explore the story. New details will be hidden in the following chapters; if you don’t want to be interrupted, do the puzzle. The turn of the game is also simple, and you just need to combine three same candies in a row to score points. Each level of Tiles & Tales will require you to find enough sweets the game wants. This is the data for the player to make the moves to collect the required number of candies. You also have a certain number of plays; not sure of the number of times, but if you run out of turns, you will also fail. Decode a lot to not miss any stories in the future.

Tiles Tales mod

Colorful stories will be present, like candy. After each successful puzzle, a new chapter is opened, which is your achievement. Many situations can happen without you even thinking about it; enjoy every detail. You can admire new friends, enjoy the sky under the pool or experience your own real life. Either way is authentic, and you will be done. With such an interactive way, players can decide everything themselves. The fate of yourself and other characters can also change, depending on your decisions.

Tiles Tales apk

Interface selection

You will choose the appearance of the player based on the suggestions of Tiles & Tales. Costume, face, and makeup are all decided by you. Become beautiful girls, put on shimmering outfits. Skirts, tops, and pants are always packed in the system; you just need to be qualified to conquer. A complete interface for you personally is also an important task. You must stand out and makes yourself the best. To attract all eyes, you meet people in any situation, so your appearance needs to be carefully considered. Be confident in the style you choose, and maintain and express your personality. The player’s personality will change depending on the situation.

Tiles Tales mod apk

Friend meeting

Players freely meet strangers, gradually get acquainted, and become close friends. Many male gods and goddesses appeared, choosing a role to go through the story. Each person has their mind, no one is the same, but through the interaction, you can see each person’s personality. Is there a real man in that crowd? Events take place continuously, and the opportunity to meet new friends is immense. Meet people with freaks like vampires, werewolves turned astronauts, and more. Make new friends, and share our stories. Find good people, accompany you on every step and love of your life.

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Decide fate

Tiles & Tales empowers you to explore freely and decide your destiny. The plot can be changed as you like, and various endings are gradually revealed. Players will interact through questions and available answers, choosing an answer that satisfies them. Many ways to change the story go in many directions; it is essential how you like the solution. Start getting to know, learn and find the true love of your life. Exciting stories are constantly updated, and you will not miss any details. Many choices; you want to be the image you want to be.

Tiles & Tales blends a bit of love and mystery to create an atmosphere always in a state of anticipation. There will be many endings worth waiting for players because each person has a different life. The search for people takes place continuously, finding soulmates, friends, and especially lovers. Events are invested solemnly, and any issues arise are caught on time. More stories are coming soon, and every successful puzzle is enjoyed. Develop your account into a work of art, where your life is decided by you. Download Tiles & Tales mod, interact with the storylines, and soon find the life partner you want.

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