Thunder Fighter Superhero MOD APK 6.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameThunder Fighter Superhero APK
PublisherOnegame Studio Global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Surely you still remember the memories of playing the chicken shooting game in your childhood. A simple game but also theatrical every day that makes you fascinated. Over time this type of game is not as popular as it used to be. However, many people still want to experience that feeling again. Thunder Fighter Superhero mod is the choice for those who are also looking for such a game. The game opens to vast universes. Where you can become talented military pilots, this game is in the top 5 of the games that players love and vote for. Lead your fleets to conquer the skies and defeat the villains. Are you ready for these unique challenges?

Thunder Fighter Superhero mod

Download Thunder Fighter Superhero mod – The fight against alien invasion

Thunder Fighter Superhero opens the epic space war. Players will take on a mission to protect the earth. To do that, you will have to control your warships against the attack of aliens. Military planes are the most advanced weapons players own. You will use your movement skills to bombard targets that appear in the sky. Thunder Fighter Superhero mainly requires the smoothness and flexibility of the player’s handling. Marks will continuously appear in different locations in the sky.

Thunder Fighter Superhero mod apk

Flying and dodging are two essential skills exploited in Thunder Fighter Superhero. Once the battle mode is activated, the bullets will be fired continuously. The challenge that players face will become increasingly difficult. You are not allowed to let monsters and ships enter your battleship. It will make you stop the game quickly. Move flexibly and observe the appearance of targets rapidly. Try to both bombard your opponents and protect your ships effectively. Each object that is shot down will give the player a score. You also need to pay attention to the time of each battle. It must be completed before the countdown timer returns to zero.

Thunder Fighter Superhero mod android

Hundreds of fierce challenges

An extensive enemy system will create many challenges. It is also a character class equipped with formidable power. No tricks to attack the player’s spaceships. Moreover, the villain class can move flexibly. They do not appear alone. Instead, they often appear in groups with increasing frequency. You will have a lot of trouble dealing with these enemies. Especially at high levels. At this point, they can cause players to be scattered and confused. This is very easy for players to receive disastrous results.

Thunder Fighter Superhero mod download

Modern spaceships and upgradeability

The spaceship is the only tool the player is equipped with. That said, it is enough to understand how vital spaceships are. You will have to take advantage of the advantages that spaceships bring to this righteous war. They are fitted with highly efficient gun barrels. To improve your fighting power and chances of winning, you must use the upgrade feature. Countless spaceships will be unlocked and owned by players in Thunder Fighter Superhero. They always bring fighting inspiration to players.

Global rankings

In Thunder Fighter Superhero, you can also participate in a global leaderboard competition. The most talented pilots will converge and compete to assert their position. The champion will be those who are skillful and flexible enough. This is the greatest recognition for your efforts. Download Thunder Fighter Superhero mod to participate in the war to defend space and defeat the invading alien enemies.

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