The Way Home MOD APK 2.4.3 (Menu/Instant kill enemies)

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NameThe Way Home APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Instant kill enemies
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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MOD Infomation

V1: Menu mod: [ Enable Before Expedition ]

  • Level 1 Enemies
  • Enemies Always Drop Loot
  • Instant Kill Enemies (All Enemies Die When You Load In)
  • Material Pick Up Bonus (Adds 5000)
  • Materials -> 0 – Default , 1 – One Shot Kill , 2 – Broken


  • Unlimited resources

Have you ever thought that you would be stranded on an island? What happens when faced with that? The Way Home will let you feel it, accompanied by Kevin and Cheese. Both are not finding their way home, and you are the one to help them. Find the way, get out of this place as soon as possible. Accompanying people in the same situation, returning to their home. Facing challenges, dangers occur during the move. Adventure through each location, discover more new things.

The Way Home mod

Download The Way Home mod – Journey back home

The Way Home brings the story of two characters, Kevin and Cheese. On a remote island, two people got lost and could not find their way out. Players need to perform a task to help them quickly escape from this place. Control the character to move in the direction you want, dodging traps along the way. A lot of unexpected situations happen, hindering the ongoing journey. Monsters appear on the island, the way home is not easy. To return to your beloved home will be a challenging process. Collaborate with two companions, overcome all to return safely!

The Way Home mod free

The game has a classic pixel art style attractive gameplay. This can be considered an adventure on the island, bringing many experiences. Difficulties in finding the way, facing the onslaught of monsters. All are testing your patience, your strength. Many maps are arranged with a large area, where players can move anywhere. The only goal is to get out of this place make sure Kevin and Cheese are safe. Implement strategies and how to deal with situations that arise. Duel with opponents who stand in the way, do not let any force achieve evil purposes.

The Way Home mod download

Various battle patterns

Along the way, you will encounter terrifying monsters. They will always find a way to take your life to destroy you at all times. The only way to defend yourself is to fight, blocking all action from the devil. The battles from there will also occur, standing in front of all dangers. The Way Home offers quite a few battle models, and each match will take to a different area. It can take place in forests, island edges, and more. Take advantage of the terrain to develop a suitable fighting style, defeating the enemy. At the same time, each battle model is both an opportunity and a challenge for players to show their bravery. The areas constantly have monsters appear, and the number also increases gradually through the level. Go to each map, creating destructive combos that cause enemies to receive death.

The Way Home mod apk

Collect resources and build

The resources on the island are pretty rich, bringing many benefits if you know how to use them properly. Quickly build a base, a temporary shelter to avoid fierce attacks from monsters. Create many solid buildings that hide enemy forces in all circumstances. Crafting necessary weapons and equipment to support the attack while participating in the war. Go to islands dungeons to collect, start with building your base. Add fences to prevent and protect the area. Escape the evil monster bosses, survive the day on the deserted island.

The Way Home mod android

Confront 80 monsters

Initially, when participating in the journey, players easily overcome the challenge. But later on, the appearance of monsters became more and more crowded. Up to 80 dangerous monsters with powerful destructive power. They continuously counterattack, taking all actions to achieve the goal. The climax of the thrill is when standing in front of evil bosses, which can take your life quickly. Confront in every battle, put all your energy to destroy the enemy. Combine attack and defense closely, dodging the opponent’s action in time. Eliminate all bloodthirsty monsters, win every battle.

Whether Kevin and Cheese make it back home will also be up to you. Face all challenges, show your bravery in the face of difficulties. Accompany the character on an endless journey. Download The Way Home mod find the way home.

Download The Way Home MOD APK (Menu/Instant kill enemies) for Android

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