The Sun Shines Over Us MOD APK 6.6 (Menu/Unlimited money, tickets)

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NameThe Sun Shines Over Us APK
PublisherNiji Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, tickets
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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The Sun Shines Over Us delves into the stories of teenagers accompanying the main character. Play as Mentari, a girl trying to recover from her past. She transferred to a new school, which is Indonesia’s middle school, where there are many new friends that you can meet. But it is not easy for a close girl like Mentari, many events begin to break out. You are the one who accompanied her in school, giving ideas to advise Mentari. At first, you will be under a lot of pressure from the new environment, but gradually you will get used to it. Choosing life for yourself is never easy, but step over the safe threshold!

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Download The Sun Shines Over Us mod – Make choices to help Mentari

The Sun Shines Over Us narrates touching stories of students’ ages, you need to stick to the information given. Players must be flexible in each case, understand their character’s personality to make decisions. In school, many relationships arise, you are the one to receive it in many different ways. School life has just begun to unfold, the story developments have gone more than half way. Your task is to keep up with the situation in class, expanding to shake hands with new friends. This act will connect you in a new yet well-known love relationship.

The Sun Shines Over Us mod apk

The new experience will lead to a dramatic change for the girl Mentari. The life you choose, it directly affects her feelings. Try to bring new things, and don’t let the past repeat itself. The Sun Shines Over Us gives you questions and answers, your task is to choose the answer. Each case will have its own way of asking, this is a testament to your decisive action. But sometimes, you get into a dilemma, not knowing which direction to choose. Listen to your heart for once, combine it with what’s happening. The choice to move on or end the relationship right from the start is up to you.

The Sun Shines Over Us mod

Add relationship

In the case of unique students, the most famous names in the school. You start to get to know them if you want to expand your relationship. Don’t be too constricted; find the truth and follow, get bored forever and can’t solve anything. Boyfriend and girlfriend are all quality friends, approach them to understand their personalities. The text runs continuously on the screen, this is how The Sun Shines Over Us wants you to capture information. Each student has a personality; their friends will accompany her to the end of the story. Choose the character you want to combine, have fun and discover new things together.

The Sun Shines Over Us apk

Challenge your spirit

Mentari is a girl who is physically and mentally weak. This is the only factor that makes her shy in public, not wanting to talk to anyone. Turn those barriers into positive things, and challenge yourself in difficult situations. Each time you stretch your brain like that, you realize you must be more assertive and enthusiastic. Be independent in your own decisions, do not use your health to obscure your will and energy. New scenes will have unique developments, and exploring with your friends will be more enjoyable. Touch the things you missed the first time because of shyness. The next time you encounter an old situation, you will automatically change and be more proactive.

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Discover stories

The Sun Shines Over Us gives you a story of 15 chapters and six different endings expressed in 100,000 words. These numbers show that the playing field is vast and endless. Players have the right to explore many things with unique character routes. FifteenFor example,  characters with different styles, each one’s strengths are unique. The best images will be recorded, you will experience the real thing. Unlock each chapter, and feel the fun in each situation to avoid boredom. Make your own choices, and accept the final ending you create. Players can customize the ending but expect each to be beautiful and satisfying.

The Sun Shines Over Us lets the sunshine into Mentari’s life. Enthusiastic player, melancholy role-playing will be a good step forward in her life. A long journey of adventure on the school chair, frequent activities, you need to participate. Go to a place with a few more people, open your heart and be ready to accept new things. Constantly changing herself to catch up with the current trend of youth. Accept a relationship in love, and find a boyfriend that you love. Download The Sun Shines Over Us mod, and feel the emotional stories related to the girl Mentari.

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