The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt MOD APK v10.0.2 (Unlimited money, skill points)

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NameThe Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
PublisherHome Net Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, skill points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt lets players play the role of a pirate. Move on a ship to set sail and face all challenges. You will perform different missions, aiming to dominate the seas. Coordinate with a large force, creating a mighty empire. Explore the vast ocean, make conspiracies to achieve the goal. Become one of the rulers of the entire region. Live in the golden age of pirates. Assert your own position, and no one can resist.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt mod

Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt mod – Dominate a large sea

The game was successfully released with attractive game modes. Let you start with the journey from zero. Starting from gathering forces to making battle plans. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt will let you do everything, become the king of this sea. Achieving the goal will not be easy, through countless challenges. Engage in each attack and destroy the opponents. Control a warship, facing a series of other ships. Together with your fleet, execute a series of tactics, destroying opposing forces. Overcome all dangers, win glorious victories.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt mod apk

Owning a ship is the only means of transportation. Go out to sea and go to each area you want. Enemies will also slowly appear to hinder your progress. Since then, a series of sea battles have taken place. You will have to send troops, let them fight. Attack forward and don’t leave them alive. At the end of the victory, the player will be a king dominating the sea. The supreme authority, no force dares to oppose. Shoot at every enemy fortress, rendering them uninhabitable. Complete each plan, develop for an increasingly larger and stronger army.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt mod free

Gather a large army

Players will set up a fleet of their own to fight. Gather many brave warriors, with high combat abilities. Divide into each force and have its own fighting positions. Combine great power, fight all the enemy troops. Form an army full of experienced pirates who know how to deal with each opponent. Players will control the ship, command the entire team to perform the tasks. Declare war and overcome all challenges. Arrange each warrior into proper battle positions. Improve skills, tactics, and new attacks. Gather a fleet of troops to destroy the enemy fortress bases.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt mod android

Battleship system

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt offers a wide variety of ships with more than 20 different types. Shown with unique styles, details, and functions. Choose the suitable vessels to move in battle. Warships are both a means of transportation and also a way for you to collect many items. Carry out robberies, exploitation, despite all its own tricks. Combine with weapons to increase attack ability. Ammo, bombs… will be the things that help you destroy your opponents quickly. Move the ship closer to the enemy position and attack. In addition, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt also has more explosives, fuel oil, vehicles with immense destructive power. Assists in the attack, eliminating each enemy that appears.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt mod download

Pirate king

Pirate King – a familiar title in animated movies. Now, you are completely immersed in that character, showing your authority. Go to each sea and shoot at every fortress the enemy builds. In addition to looting, players will also have to perform countless other tasks. The purpose of doing is to earn money, become rich. Smuggling, doing illegal jobs, searching for treasures… Completing the missions well will give players extra bonuses. Unlock new skills, fight more opponents. Especially will become one of the leading kings in the sea area. Be ready to face any difficulties ahead. Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt mod journey to conquer the era of sea leader.

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