The Muscle Hustle MOD APK v2.3.5916 (One hit kill/Dumb enemy)

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NameThe Muscle Hustle
PublisherDandio Games
MOD FeaturesOne hit kill/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Have you ever tried your hand at muscle games? A healthy and fit body is what everyone desires. The group of people who possess these advantages is none other than the boxers. Especially those who participate in wrestling. They include muscular, solid muscles and extraordinary physical strength. Wrestling matches often attract a large audience because of their thrill. If you are not eligible to participate in this subject, let The Muscle Hustle help. Here, players will become a coach and control the most attractive muscle fights. Every stage, from backstage to the stands, is yours to direct.

The Muscle Hustle mod

Download The Muscle Hustle mod – Join a wrestling match like never before

Not sure if you are part of the fan group of wrestling games? If yes, then names like WWE, MMA, Beyblade or Wrestle Mania will make you flutter. Otherwise, the passion for boxing or action games is enough to convince you to come to The Muscle Hustle. The makers of Dandio Games make it for everyone. Here, wrestlers freely show off their traditional moves. There are also innovative shots in The Muscle Hustle’s way. In addition to action, the game also emphasizes deep tactics and strategy. An intelligent brain will help you win without bodily harm. Maximize the system you have.

The Muscle Hustle apk

With that said, you don’t directly fight but train your wrestlers. This creates variety and fun for the game. Because each individual has strengths and fighting skills, they will bring colourful, eye-catching matches. The individual competition and the team’s combination will also be great. To win, it is necessary to raise the ability stats they have. For different matches, it is required to use other wrestlers. The reason is that each of your heroes has a high ability to defeat a specific opponent. Moreover, wrestlers want to stand in the ring with talent and hard work.

The Muscle Hustle mod apk

The simple way of fighting

You will control your warriors in the arena, The Muscle Hustle. But don’t worry because the operation is effortless. Just dragging the finger was a powerful attack that sent the opponent to the floor. The screen will display an arrow to help players determine the most accurate direction for their shot. In addition, practice a few more maneuvers, such as lifting or throwing the opponent to the ground. Or quickly attack consecutively so that your enemy can’t turn back. Each match at The Muscle Hustle becomes more exciting with the commentators’ voices. At the same time, the wrestlers’ good shots will receive applause and cheers from the audience.

The Muscle Hustle android

Build the strongest squad

Not one but hundreds of wrestlers will gather at The Muscle Hustle. They possess incredible strength. However, what they lacked was the fighting technique and strategy. It is you who will help the warriors improve this. With inherent potential and intelligent tactics, victory is firmly in hand. You will soon own the best squad in the world of wrestling in particular and sports in general. Players will accompany wrestlers throughout their careers, from being amateurs to being skilled and bringing home glory. But the first thing to do is to train the wrestler in the basic strokes. These include knocking opponents, pinning them and attacking from the air.

The Muscle Hustle apk free

Freely choose a game mode

There are two modes in this game for you to choose from. The first is the single competition campaign. There will be hundreds of levels in this mode that you need to take the wrestlers through. In addition to fighting with opponents, many challenges are waiting. For example, light a fire, jump over the high roundabout or avoid flying chairs. As for the PVP tournament, each level will have the participation of more than two wrestlers. So you have to beat them all to win. Do not hesitate to challenge anyone when you are well prepared for your warriors. And in any mode, achievements should be considered because it determines your ranking position.

An action game that does not require too much of your strength. The most brilliant fighting methods attract the Muscle Hustle. You need to use good tactics when facing one or more opponents. Improve your reputation by collecting as many strong wrestlers as possible. Also, don’t miss events with unique quests and rewards. Download The Muscle Hustle mod and become a master wrestling trainer.

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