The Ancestral Legacy! MOD APK 1.1.2 (Unlimited tickets)

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NameThe Ancestral Legacy! APK
PublisherBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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A game from the same development studio as Underworld Office! What it will look like. The Ancestral Legacy! This is probably the best example of this. An opportunity to return home for the summer holidays opens up many mysteries and doubts. Explore the protagonist’s experiences with familiar family members. A mysterious encounter shakes up everything in his life. A series of questions will gradually appear as players experience from the first minutes. From there begins a macabre adventure in search of answers. The Ancestral Legacy! is a game for you to uncover mysteries. Through manipulation, solving puzzles, and observing everything around.

The Ancestral Legacy mod

Download The Ancestral Legacy! mod – Uncover the mysterious buried legacy

Lee Kyung is an ordinary student on a trip to his hometown to rest during summer vacation. Everything wouldn’t be worth talking about if he met his loved ones and lived happily as usual. Suddenly a mysterious encounter with a ghost comes from nowhere. This ghost reveals that Lee Kyung has never heard about his family before. Take him on an adventure that uncovers the truth about everyone in the family. In The Ancestral Legacy! You will constantly have to solve puzzles and find evidence to confirm the truth that you have revealed. The horror element follows the player from the first scene to the end.

The gameplay of The Ancestral Legacy! Quite simple, and there are almost no operations for you to do. Tap the screen to cycle through the dialogue between the characters. Each frame corresponds to a segment in the game that is saved in the system. From there, players will return any time to discover details they missed. Interact with characters through certain words and actions. Critical situations can open up a new scene based on your answers and actions. Through each stage in the game, you will realize the main character’s personality changes from surprise, and horror, to despair and acceptance.

The Ancestral Legacy mod apk

Detailed construction characters

The Ancestral Legacy cast of characters! You are divided, and you can immediately recognize who the main characters are, which affects the plot and the rest of the supporting characters. There are four main characters in the game with the most appearance time. The first is Lee Kyung – the main character controlled by the player. A neighbor’s sister is a person who lives next to the main character’s house, who always says hidden things and warns the player through each stage. The house’s housekeeper always completes his tasks and gives the player instructions on the game screen. Kyung’s grandmother is the most mysterious character and opens up a lot of mysteries. You will be surprised at each character’s role in the following scenes.

Interact with the scenes

Each scene shows Lee Kyung’s daily life at her grandmother’s house and meeting people around. Since meeting the mysterious ghost, many strange things will happen. Other neighbors were constantly alerted to signs around the house, especially at night, because many forces were at work. So you can interact with objects to find out something for this encounter. Going back to the scenes to perfect them is like putting together the puzzle pieces. If you succeed, then hidden scenes will be opened. The story takes an entirely different turn. Most importantly, you do not let the character be in danger.

The Ancestral Legacy mod apk free

Many ways to end

The end of the game is strongly influenced by the actions and words you have made in each scene. Items and truths you have found through the guidance of the ghost and the surrounding characters. Characters that you consider suspicious will act more suspicious if you reveal something important. There are many endings, including a Good ending and a Bad ending. Lee Kyung’s adventure can have many unforeseen impacts and consequences. But to find the truth is necessary; you cannot stop once you have searched along that path. Instead, add the story’s everyday scenes that stabilize the character’s spirit.

Uncover mysteries and stories that once happened in his clan. Based on the clues of the mysterious ghost, search for essential tools and characters to solve puzzles. Come back any time when you don’t remember the details of what you went through. Experience the different endings to know that The Ancestral Legacy! The mod has a deep story and how high it touches the character’s morale.

Download The Ancestral Legacy! MOD APK (Unlimited tickets) for Android

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