Tempest: Pirate MOD APK v1.7.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameTempest: Pirate
PublisherHeroCraft Ltd.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Money increases when spent
Unblocked all paid content (requires Internet and authorization in Google services)

Become a pirate, participate in the wars on the vast ocean. You will be performing many actions in Tempest: Pirate. The game will let you be a pirate who dares to do anything. Every day is present here, fighting against monsters and other enemies. Players conquer the sea to defeat the enemy forces quickly. Floating on the high seas, getting high achievements. Assemble the best battleship, move-in squadron. Players will enter each battle with countless other opponents. Adventure on a boat and fight other pirates. Perform offensive actions, making it impossible for any opponent to resist.

Tempest Pirate mod

Download Tempest: Pirate mod – Pirate’s journey

Indeed you are no longer unfamiliar with pirate movies. Bring a lot of good content and keep players entertained. Now, it is not only in the film but also clearly reproduced in the game. You will be playing the role of a pirate in Tempest: Pirate. Do everything you can to resist the enemy forces quickly. You will control the boat, lead your teammates to destroy it. Travel across the vast sea, attack consecutively on each opponent. Tempest: Pirate opens an adventure with a series of exciting experiences. The stress of facing danger is inevitable. But don’t give up because of that, try your best, victory will belong to you.

Tempest Pirate mod apk

The action role-playing game always brings many attractive game modes. Tempest: Pirate has attracted many players, participating in a fierce battle. Be a daring pirate who defies any challenge. Each enemy will appear on the sea, you will have to attack quickly. Eliminate individual pirates as well as ferocious monsters. Many missions will be given to players by Tempest: Pirate. A game that you should not miss with engaging gameplay. Done with teammates, quickly destroy all enemy forces. Master the ocean, go on endless adventures. Tempest: Pirate is an excellent choice for you to be entertained anytime you want.

Tempest Pirate mod free

Enemies at sea

During your journey on the sea, you will encounter countless enemies that appear. They are also pirates with many evil schemes. Living for a long time in the ocean, there are demonic attacks. Their army is also quite large, bringing many obstacles to you when traveling. You will have to control the ship to move safely and attack those enemies. Quickly knock down each opponent out of the sea area. In addition, the monsters are also opponents that you need to fight. It can sink your ship at any time. Therefore, players will need to focus on fighting the enemy as soon as possible. Ready to fight to protect his life as well as the safety of the battleship.

Tempest Pirate mod android

Bold pirates

Role-playing a pirate and excursion all over the place in this place. Gather all the crew’s forces together to participate in the missions. As a captain, you will command and steer your ship to explore the ocean. The immensity of the sea will bring many exciting experiences. Both adventure on the sea, while participating in the primary agent is a pirate. Many other warships will also appear, you will have to fight them. The scene with the ships appeared as a battlefield in the middle of the sea. There are many exciting things here, but there are also dangers. Become one of the talented pirates, defying all enemies. Train each of your defenders to have more combat skills, dodge bullets from enemies quickly. As the most powerful battleship on the sea, no force can resist.

Tempest Pirate mod download

Warships with weapons

The means for the player to move is the warship. There are quite a few different ships with large models. Players will be able to own the boat and control it to go anywhere. Confronting powerful enemies, you will also need to upgrade your ship to be more modern. Decorate the train the way you want, go to the locations. Use a variety of weapons like cannons, flamethrowers, and more. This equipment will help you and your army quickly achieve the desired results. Defeat opponents, destroy other pirate forces. Confirm the power as well as the attack ability of the battleship. Enjoy the adventure, aim at the targets, collect many treasures. Download Tempest: Pirate mod dramatic war at sea.

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