Tears of Themis MOD APK v2.0.0 (Menu/Dumb enemy)

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NameTears of Themis
MOD FeaturesMenu/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The line between good and evil is increasingly blurred, there is no longer any justice. The whole world seems to be against you, alone against everything. That’s your life in Tears of Themis. Everything that happens around is bad, and all employment, decisions will be up to you. Is this world still a place where you can survive? Tears of Themis will be a game for players to face many dangers. Seek information, expose truths, live the life you want. Restore order and master this world.

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Download Tears of Themis mod – Join the case, master the world

The game simulates in detail the lives of the characters. Many evil forces appear and only want to perform actions that affect the world. They want to destroy the good things, life in all areas. You will resist and stop all such activity. The gameplay with an exciting storyline will also help players have more new experiences. Build with unique character images, discover the person inside them. Accompany the character on missions, find out all the hidden truths. Start with each level of play and confront every opponent attacking you.

Tears of Themis mod android
Tears of Themis attracts players right from the careful investment in the image. Attention by handsome male characters, they will be the companions in each level. Make the right choices and decisions to survive in this habitat. Tears of Themis will let players show bravery, alone to accomplish the set goals. The forces of evil will never give up their plot, constantly creating challenges. Not stopping there, Tears of Themis also create many meetings with the person you like. They are also one of the people who store a lot of hidden truth information. Seize the opportunity, access and investigate everything you want.
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Collect the evidence

There are quite a few cases that you will need to solve quickly. The first thing to do is to go to the location of that crime immediately. Next, it is necessary to search for relevant artifacts and evidence at the scene. Clarifying the facts to expose the atrocities quickly. Investigate and take statements from the suspects who were present at the scene at that time. Players also have to remove false information themselves, analyze all testimonies. Use understanding and logical judgment to find the culprit quickly. Finding evidence is also not an easy thing, many events will also put you in a difficult situation. Try by all means to find justice, bring the perpetrators out.

Tears of Themis mod

Story with characters

In addition to solving cases and finding criminals, there will be unlocked stories. Players will be able to chat with special people via phone call. Interact together every day and listen to each other’s voices. Tears of Themis will create a romantic date, bringing many wonderful moments. Many things happen unexpectedly that players cannot predict. Immerse yourself in love and meaningful dates. Join the chat, share many things with the person you want. Meet and leave a unique impression on each other.

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Create special memories

Every moment created with the characters will be great memories. Each character will have their own secrets and stories. That will be the way to hide the truth. The player should learn and discover everything related to him. Find out all the relevant facts, the truth that has been hidden for so long. Make your own memories, discover their hearts and the people inside. Complete each story and open up the next chapters together. Together, we made many precious memories and gained love from the boys.

The world is full of things happening and you alone have to overcome all the challenges. Carry out crime-solving, find the criminals who have caused many evils. Go on dates with the guy, find out the clues of things. Download Tears of Themis mod journey to establish world order with many challenges.

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