Tap Hero MOD APK 0.8.0809.22 (Menu/High Chest Rewards)

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NameTap Hero APK
PublisherHako Idle Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/High Chest Rewards
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Optimizing the user experience is difficult for manufacturers because people look to games for entertainment. Therefore, designing a game that is too complicated and requires a lot of effort is impossible. But to balance enjoyable and straightforward without being boring is not easy. However, there are also many idle games born to solve this problem. Idle games often make controls available on the screen for players to perform. However, Tap Hero is more prominent and idle above all. Because in this game, you need to touch and touch to perform tasks. Let’s explore this unique feature now.

Tap Hero mod

Download Tap Hero mod – Experience the fighting form by touching

Tap Hero is an unlimited adventure game. Coming to this game, users have to fight an army of monsters that are cruel but no less fun. These monsters are shrouded in uncharted legends. Be the first to know their origin. The manipulations to destroy the enemy are not complicated at all. You need to keep touching their body until the blood is exhausted. Each level will have a certain number of monsters that must be defeated. Players can track their progress through the bar displayed on the screen. Monsters often appear one after another. Therefore, tap non-stop, so you don’t miss any attack opportunities.

In Tap Hero, the player plays not only the role of a warrior. You also carry the responsibility of an archaeologist and a treasure seeker. This idle game allows you to collect gold even without the internet. Depending on the collected items, the player’s reward is also different. Besides dangerous monsters, in Tap Hero, some creatures are being held. They were captured by the men who were supposed to. It would help if you rescued them because, in future battles, they can be instrumental. With Tap Hero, after defeating monsters, players can collect many items. You can exchange fire shards for extremely dangerous ancient relics found only in this land.

Tap Hero mod apk

Upgrade many top skills

To reduce the strength that the hands have to spend, players can upgrade many top skills in Tap Hero. For example, it could be the ability to attack consecutively for a short time. You can also improve your damage and speed. Besides, Tap Hero has a great assortment of drinks. Once used, the player’s power will be multiplied for a certain period. Depending on the level, the upgrade also varies. For example, Hero’s store will display a full range of items with detailed information and specific prices. Whether to buy and use it or not depends on your decision only. Do your best.

Tap Hero android

Pet Collecting

In addition to ferocious monsters, Tap Hero also contains many of these gentle animals. They are trapped in the chains of villains. Free them and make them your pets. When connected as a collective, these creatures will become impossibly powerful. You can also upgrade them through touch. At Tap Hero, every task is realized by touch. So let’s start your adventure journey and discover where these creatures are. Each pet will have its abilities. The number of lives or respawns of each species is also different. It would help if before them to the arena to fight directly.

Tap Hero apk free

Collect precious item

Tap Hero takes place in an ancient and mystical land. Therefore, many valuable items are being filled up and waiting for people to exploit. This mission is for you. Try to collect them all to use for Tap Hero’s quests. Usually, the games will use coins as the main currency. However, Tap Hero has dozens of different currencies. These include gold, gems, flame shards, and even souls. These items can be obtained when you defeat monsters. In addition, the store is always stocked with these items. Another way is to follow short videos and get huge bonuses for free.

Tap Hero was produced by Hako Idle Games and introduced to the public in   2021. The only skill requirement this game requires is the touch operation. However, it does not make the game boring. Instead, your tap speed can affect monster kills and upgrades. The later, the bigger and stronger the monster, and the more touches must also increase. Download Tap Hero mod to slay monsters and collect ancient treasures.

Download Tap Hero MOD APK (Menu/High Chest Rewards) for Android

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