TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! MOD APK 1.8.4 (Unlimited money)

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You can be building even don’t have enough gold
Gold just consumed when need replay level looking for fossil

If you’re wondering how archaeologists work, TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! it will give you a better understanding of this work. Play as an archaeologist searching for impressive fossils of many dinosaurs that went extinct in the past. Then, complete your fossil collection and display them in your fossil museum. That’s the whole journey you have to take in the game. The fossil digging is also changed to create a sense of excitement for the player. The main issue is how many pieces of fossils you can get in one dig. Each player will have a completely different experience and process. Create each unique fossil museum.


Download TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! mod – Find fascinating dinosaur fossils

To get dinosaur fossils, of course, you have to dig them. Every time you go to archeology, you must bring a large workforce. Find the designated lands. Use tools and dig up the soil. If you are patient enough after a while digging will reveal a few fossil fragments. Collect them and keep digging again. Your mining limit is represented by a visible energy bar. When it is exhausted, your archaeological process for that day is complete. Bring everything you have just dug to display in the museum. It’s not all but proof that you’ve found them.

Your fossil museum has areas to display fossils freely. A fragment of any fossil can indicate which dinosaur it belonged to. Remember to keep it in a separate display area. The system will do this for you, so you don’t get confused. There’s even a sketch of what a complete fossil would look like. More and more excitement and want to go digging right away of archaeologists. Of course, exhibiting fossils is for profit. Profits will come from museum visitors. Depending on the number of fossils, you can earn considerable money.


Strengthening archeology staff

Your employees will increase if you spend more money to add them. These employees are all people whose job is to dig up the land to find fossils. When you upgrade your staff, you will have more energy. Dig up more rocks to reveal more fossils. Fossils also each have their dimensions. Depending on the large or small size, it is necessary to take all the rocks to collect them. Not a complete set of fossils will lie on one plot of land. They can be divided into 3 or 4 other fields. Gives you more time to mine and find new fossils. This is also very true in reality.

Complete collections

The moment when completing a set of fossils of a dinosaur species will be the best thing for players. You will know clearly what the process to achieve it is. Because when collecting fossil fragments, they will increase the progress bar of the whole set of fossils a bit. When it rises to 100%, your fossil is complete without missing a single detail. Depending on the dinosaur species, the fossil set will glow in a specific color. The dinosaurs on the ground will shine a beautiful golden color. For flying dinosaurs is turquoise and many other colors. Contribute to making your museum genuinely perfect.

TAP DIG MY MUSEUM mod apk free

Attentive customer service

Depending on the number of fossils, the number of guests will be more or less than usual. As long as you complete any set of fossils, many visitors will come around and observe. Wherever they go, they will leave coins. Represents the cost and the tips left by the guest. Tap the coins to collect them, and that’s your primary income. Completing a set of fossils also gives you a fair amount of money. Don’t think coins are useless. They are your primary resource for upgrading your workforce. Or make the museum more spacious and have more fossil storage areas.

Experience what it would be like to be a dinosaur fossil archaeologist. However, this game does not reflect too much on reality. Because in real life, finding dinosaur fossils is extremely difficult. However, you can also try the thrills and displaying dinosaur fossils in your museum. Get rich from exhibiting fossils in museums and have a top-notch collection in TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! mod.

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