Tank Hero MOD APK 1.9.8 (Menu/God mode, onehit)

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NameTank Hero APK
PublisherBetta Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode, onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Battle on tanks, show your strength through each attack. Tank Hero – where the actions take place for you to face the enemy. Tanks are familiar vehicles when participating in wars, and it has been a regular topic for publishers to launch many attractive games. You will be controlling the tank, attacking every confrontation. Build a position through each battle, causing all opponents to fall. Stop the evil actions, destroy all enemy forces.

Tank Hero mod free

Download Tank Hero mod – Great battle to attack the opponent

The primary means of combat in Tank Hero is the tank. All are presented with many designs and vibrant colors. Control with easy operations, step into each battle. Clash with many enemies, destroy enemy bases. The gameplay is simple but still creates a great attraction for the gaming community. Face the challenging missions that Tank Hero brings. Access to new battles, assert strength through each attack.

Tank Hero mod apk

Battles will take place when each army goes to war. Representing the army, drive tanks to fight the enemies. Rush to each position to make the enemy lose. If you are destroyed, the journey will have to start all over again. That’s why players will need to try, overcome everything to win. Destroy each opponent, rendering them unstoppable. Accomplish goals, achieve excellent achievements. Equip more weapons to increase attack, eliminate enemies. Timely dodging dangerous moves from the enemy, protecting your life.

Tank Hero mod android

Manipulation of tank control

The control is not too difficult, and you can quickly move with simple operations. Drag and drop the tank to operate, hold still to start attacking. The skills when controlling the tank are pretty important, decisive to victory. Use in combination with weapons to improve the effectiveness of destroying the enemy. There are customizations and implementations to go through depending on different cases. Equip the vehicle with all the necessary means to support combat. Depending on the type of vehicle, you need to have the right weapon options. Move to the arena, continuously perform the battle phase not to let the enemy survive. Every time you go to battle, you will also gain more skills, know how to manipulate controls more proficiently.

Tank Hero mod download

Variety of tanks

Different from the bulky cars you’ve ever seen, Tank Hero has compact and convenient models. Depending on the size, color, other attack stats. Can launch missiles, lasers, bullets with long distances. Create special attacks, great power to destroy opponents. Each type of vehicle is provided with abilities, helping you to enter every confrontation. Possessing a diverse tank system, moving together to fight the enemy. Choose for yourself a vehicle to enter the battlefield, perform the attack. Make special attacks, accompany all the battles.

Tank Hero mod

Defeat the enemy boss

Opponents never stand still for you to defeat. Is that too easy and tedious? Gather many bosses with formidable fighting ability. They can follow and harm you at any time. Focusing on observation and timely counter-attacks is a prerequisite to victory. At high levels, you will face more dangerous bosses. When you have overcome and destroyed them all, then you are the winner. A strong warrior destroys all enemies. Destroy enemy bases, overthrow the plots and actions they cause.

Sit on the tank and go into each battle. Tank Hero is the place for you to show your strength through each attack. Decide your own life, regardless of each enemy force. Try your hand starting with every war, defeat the evil enemies. Download Tank Hero mod war on tanks.

Download Tank Hero MOD APK (Menu/God mode, onehit) for Android

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