Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK 1.23.1 (Menu/Show Imp/ESP Alive)

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NameSuspects: Mystery Mansion APK
PublisherWildlife Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu/Show Imp/ESP Alive
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Player Menu

  • Show Imp // New (Name, Alive?, Current Room, Killer?) // Remember It Predicts 90% Accurate
  • Max Lights
  • Spam Elevator (Will Make Go Up And Down Constantly) // New
  • Reset Show Impostor (Do This After Every Meeting)
  • Call Meeting // From Anywhere (If Available) // New

ESP Menu

  • ESP Alive / Dead (New) / Impostor (New) Lines
  • ESP Alive / Dead (New) / Impostor (New) Boxes
  • ESP Real Account Names // New

Fun Menu

  • Pick Player
  • Player Size
  • Zoom Out // New

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a game that gives you the job of finding the killer. Perform all tasks to find the cause of death quickly. Enter the mysterious house and investigate everything. You will be a detective who plays a vital role in this case. Come to Suspects: Mystery Mansion and join the hunt for the culprit. It opens players up to different challenges. Find out the culprit who caused the death in this house. The drama in the game with the hidden things behind it. Tracing the murder group is not easy. Players will need to investigate, inspect the scene to get results.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod android

A mansion house – where the murder took place. You will be invited here and need to find the group that caused this incident. In addition, eight other detectives will be working with you on this. And among them, there will be the real killer. Rather exciting gameplay, there are many secrets behind the case. Try to complete the task as soon as possible. Suspects: Mystery Mansion will be the place for you to show your talents. It is to solve and find the clues related to the murder here.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod download

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion mod – Find the killer at the house

Enter the dark house and start with the journey to find the killer. You and eight other people will come up with options to carry out the task. And of course, among those people, there will be a criminal who caused that incident. However, detecting that person is not easy. It is essential to observe and find important clues. Together to come to the most accurate conclusion, arrest the name that caused that murder. In addition, Suspects: Mystery Mansion will also let you play the bad guy. Cause the murder and find a way to clear the crime. Do it secretly, and don’t let anyone find out. Suspects: Mystery Mansion for players to take on a variety of different jobs. Not only an investigator but also a professional assassin.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod apk

Investigate the murder

What players need to do will be to investigate what happened quickly. Search all traces in the house, from there will gather evidence. Observing everything around is very important. An investigation took place with numerous difficulties. Of the others, who would have done it? Suspects: Mystery Mansion focuses on finding the culprit. Not quite as fierce shooting as some other games. However, what has attracted gamers is the mystery behind this case. After discussing with the other detectives, whoever gets the most votes will be the criminal.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod

Mission with many difficulties

It is not easy to find the culprit in the fastest time. You will have to go through many difficulties to be able to complete. It is necessary to use thinking in conjunction with the scene to get concrete evidence. Furthermore, before you vote, you will also need to think twice. If you choose the wrong person, the killer will win. The challenges brought in the game are also a factor for players to be attracted to. Each challenge and mystical element will make the quest more interesting. Find out the identity of the person who did the other thing, get the highest score.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod free

Cute detectives

The characters present in the game are all extremely lovely detectives. All are animals with small bodies. Not big superheroes, but they will also have special powers. Players will be free to choose a character to accompany them in the game. Each shape and color of the animals is also what makes Suspects: Mystery Mansion new. An action game with a new game mode, different from other games of the same genre. Become a famous detective and find the suspect. After each level and achieve the bonus amount, you can also use the money to unlock more characters. Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion mod to conduct an investigation to find the killer.

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