Survivor In Rainbow Monster MOD APK 1.1.4 (Unlimited money/No skill cooldown)

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NameSurvivor In Rainbow Monster APK
PublisherGreat Arcade Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/No skill cooldown
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Survivor In Rainbow Monster plays a kidnapped child trying to survive in a dangerous place. During your daily school trip, you had to encounter this lousy situation right at Spooky Park. You have to stay alone in this strange place without anyone’s help. Just monsters and you, this chase begins with a moment full of ups and downs. But, of course, you must try to run as fast as possible to avoid being caught by the other monsters and faced with many challenges in 5 nights, this time, you have to work at total capacity to run away from danger. Completing the puzzle each night will allow you to return home, starting over a child’s previous life.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster mod apk

Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster mod – Mission in the next five days

Survivor In Rainbow Monster takes you to a new dimension with no one to support you. This is tough for a kid like you, but you are the exception. The sensitive control of each player will bring the character wearing the red shirt back to reality. Every night is a nightmare, with many challenges surrounding me. The game is also always flexible for you to approach many new forms. Experiencing the entire game quickly will automatically grow you a lot. The unfamiliar place only takes a day to get used to, then gradually, you have to familiarize yourself with the terrain here. Find every nook and cranny to make an exciting escape.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Five nights seems short, but there are many challenges in each night. The first night with the quest to find the block, when you collect it, you have to leave quickly so as not to be caught again. On the second night, raising monsters is to fight directly with the bigger guys. Successfully transitioned to stage 3 to repair machinery in rugged terrain. The machines don’t work anymore; you have to help them. Next is lighting up the room and opening new doors to finding exciting things. And the last night with many mysteries and the previous night you stay in this race, Survivor In Rainbow Monster will be released soon.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster mod

Various types of monsters

These monsters are incredibly colorful, and the power is breakthrough. Blue Monster is the scariest monster; they roam around the village to provoke you. They appear with a finished look without hiding in cabinets or anywhere to create a surprise. Green beasts are blind but very good at sensing; they need a slight noise to find you. Orange Monsters need to be fed so as not to disturb your journey. Don’t let them starve, or you won’t be able to rest. Purple monsters often escape from hiding, so you need to look carefully before walking to a specific door.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster apk free

Dodge all the time

It’s a miracle that you successfully dodge, so the monster doesn’t catch it. They possess mutant powers that prevent you from growing. In this race, they appear everywhere, always looking for you. Players must try to hide, not to let them discover again. If they catch you, they will die, no concessions. Find every nook and cranny to wriggle out of their sight. In addition, when performing tasks, you must be gentle and careful in each action. Just a little noise immediately causes the monster to rush to you like lightning; at that time, there is no time to react.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster apk

Diverse terrain

Players perform transdimensional missions in an enclosed place. Many areas are found thanks to the quest to light up the room on the 4th night. Search for objects everywhere you can move, agility is needed now. Survivor has set up the matrix. In Rainbow Monster, it is impossible to escape. You can also complete that task and look around, thanks to the space. Be flexible in every moment so as not to stumble in front of obstacles on the road. Move the character to many other locations to explore every nook and cranny. Doing so can help you find your safe exit.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster confidently faced monsters, life, and death instantly. The boundary of existence is fragile, so don’t be subjective. Nightmares are always by your side, making everything turn upside down. Provide appropriate solutions to reach out in this challenging situation continuously. Equip the skill to run fast to dodge the opponent’s arms successfully. Every space you visit will be constantly transformed to create a breakthrough surprise. Multi-color in one frame, from terrain to monsters, let’s admire. Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster mod, face the colorful demons and find a way to live for yourself.

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