Survival Simulator MOD APK 0.2.2 (Enemy can't attack/Unlimited money)

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NameSurvival Simulator APK
PublisherCatsbit Games
MOD FeaturesEnemy can't attack/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Have you ever thought you would live in the jungle, wild habitat? To survive in such a place, what kind of difficulties will people have to face? Survival Simulator is the answer, answering those questions for you. At the same time, it will be a place for you to experience living in such a remote place. Many animals will also appear, primarily evil ones. Players will have to make a living on their own, fighting against enemies. That is the only way for you to survive and survive in this world. Life in this dangerous, lonely place, can you make it?

Survival Simulator mod

Download Survival Simulator mod – Live in the dangerous forest

Survival battles are always a favorite game theme for many people. Attractive and engaging gameplay with diverse missions. Starting the game, appearing in front of you is a large forest. Here, players will work with their characters to earn a living and overcome challenges. Explore the vast world, move to any place you want. Each game mode will also be a challenge to face. Just to ensure safety, earn food to sustain life. Survival Simulator will be the place for players to show their abilities and strength when living in this dark environment.

Survival Simulator mod free

This area is most hostile, hard to find allies. It is also difficult to fight alone. With no help from anyone, everything around seems to be against you. Self-defense, ready to attack all attacking forces. Use your own abilities and skills to deal with all enemies. Survival Simulator will show players all the happenings while living in the forest. Observe everything happening around you and have a timely response to ensure life.

Survival Simulator mod download


To survive the day, eating is the most important thing. Hunt animals, search for food right in that area. Always have food in reserve, make sure there is enough food for each meal. Collected from the same food sources available in nearby locations. Live in a place where everyone wants you to die, fighting against that harsh situation alone. Create fire to cook food, bring light every night. This is also the time when monsters are more active than during the day. Trying to keep the fire going is also a way to make it easier to control the enemy.

Survival Simulator mod apk


Research and build a residence to rest. Collect wood and available resources to complete the shelter quickly. After each battle, there will be a place to return to, temporarily avoiding being detected by the enemy. Choose a convenient location to start the construction work. This will also be the place where the opponent will seek to destroy. Attention should be paid to observing and defending so that they do not suddenly attack the base. Prepare everything carefully, don’t let any monsters topple it. Defend your stronghold, do not fall into dangerous situations.

Survival Simulator mod android

Attack in every location

Any location or area will have the appearance of animals. However, most of them will attack you back, causing dangerous situations. Use your gun to shoot at them, keep yourself safe. Survival Simulator has provided several guns and weapons to face enemy forces. Each gun will support the player to destroy and destroy all bloodthirsty monsters. Using tactics, smart moves is also a way to deal with all enemies. Leaving each place you go will no longer have any of their occurrences.

Live in the wild and face many challenges. Fight to defeat the enemies, do not let them survive. Your life will be decided by you. Conquer all obstacles and become the only one to survive in the deserted forest. Download Survival Simulator mod to fight to survive.

Download Survival Simulator MOD APK (Enemy can't attack/Unlimited money) for Android

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