Survival Girl MOD APK 902 (Menu/Ultimate Mode/High Damage)

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NameSurvival Girl APK
PublisherDreamplay Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Ultimate Mode/High Damage
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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MOD Infomation

Ultimate Mode/High Damage (Read Notes below)
Dumb Enemy
No Reload
Faster Move Speed

[Risky] For Ultimate Mode/High Damage, On/Off before you start the battle/stage.
– Might be buggy for some heroes, so far I have noticed it’s working well on BearMask, Muffler, Dummy.
– Try to play around yourself.

Survival Girl and strong girls join the arena against the destruction of zombies. A big accident killed many people, and the earth is also being destroyed. The cause of that explosion is unknown, from which the zombies began to rampage. There is an APEX organization that has dealt with those stupid zombies and established a kingdom to control absolute rule. They believe that they have solved the remnants of the explosion so they can do whatever they want, but you won’t allow that to happen again. So you form the Bolter squad, gathering brave girls to start a new journey.

Survival Girl mod

Download Survival Girl mod – Become the legendary commander of Bolter

The Abyss is the place that suffers the most from the explosion, appearing full of zombies. You are not the one to control them, but you will perform the more important task of overthrowing the APEX organization. The girls that you conquer will try to attack the enemy. According to sophisticated strategy, leading a powerful army requires many survival skills and orders. You are the founder of the Bolter organization and will be the one driving its development. Because APEX did not destroy the zombies but still prides itself on being the one who made the monsters return, now you are fighting the zombies and the tyrannical kingdom at the same time.

Survival Girl apk

Humans in Survival Girl have no more freedom; they have taken away from humanity. You are a heroic warrior gathering like-minded people to tackle your opponents. The intense battles that scream fire make you excited and determined to win. It would help if you controlled your actions and took advantage of every opportunity to counterattack. Competitors are not average, and they are enough to topple your organization. Find all the ways to defeat monsters, zombies, and APEX to bring peaceful life to the village. They destroyed all in just a few attacks. So lead the army to dangerous places, and plunge into battle.

Survival Girl mod apk

Join the mighty army

Players should recruit mighty warriors to their team. They must also be trained and agree on a battle plan before going to battle. The large squad can overwhelm the opponent, so it is necessary to try to recruit soldiers. Each rookie is a bright star that possesses a lot of extraordinary energy, so it needs to be fully exploited. The girls are beautiful but not graceful, fragile, and instead eloquent. In this violent world, weak warriors are immediately removed from the squad. Appreciate the talents, and know how to harness their power to have an excellent performance. Conquer the characters in each level to see their abilities.

Survival Girl android

Improve skills and weapons

Survival Girl allows you to craft or collect ultimate weapons. It would help if you had superior energy and strength to defeat your opponent. Instead, use a variety of guns such as rifles, shotguns, and grenade launchers to attack. The fighting techniques are essent,ial and you get more experience after each match. You have to go collect resources to strengthen your life and create a chance to survive for yourself. APEX’s forces have invaded all human resources, and now you must take them. Collect a lot of equipment for the battle and make your top-notch weapons to fight.

Survival Girl apk free

Successfully defeat your opponent

APEX, zombies, and monsters are ready for fierce wars; how about you? Survival Girl will bring the most dramatic moment in history, creating fever in the arena this time. Their intimidation also does not scare you; instead, the spirit of steel. They can dominate the whole village; the future is the entire world. You do not succumb to the brutal plans they are about to make; you are ready to act. They have many shapes, from minor to giant bosses, and all fight. You start the race with the villains with beautiful girls. The strong warriors go to battle right now; use all your strength.

Survival Girl is in a confrontation between a hero on one side and a monster on the other. Two opposing forces create non-stop explosive wars. What is about to happen will make players concentrate very hard and put in a lot of effort. As the commander, you should prepare well the tactics set out. Take those warrior girls to the battlefield and complete the task well. Actively counterattacking the opponent, do not yield to any move. Download Survival Girl mod and build a team of heroines to fight to protect people.

Download Survival Girl MOD APK (Menu/Ultimate Mode/High Damage) for Android

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