Survival: Fire Battlegrounds MOD APK 13.2 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

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NameSurvival: Fire Battlegrounds APK
PublisherFeLiNa Labs.
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Referring to the survival game genre, it is difficult for any name to surpass the legendary PUBG Mobile. But saying that does not mean other survival games are not worth playing. The following games always have inheritance and creativity. They will result in better quality content and appearance. Survival: Fire Battlegrounds mod is also one of the survival games that players spend a lot of points with. Although it was born not long ago, the game already owns many gamers. Bringing new experiences about a harsh survival angle. Recreated under eye-catching and highly vivid images. It has been a favorite game of millions of players worldwide.

Survival Fire Battlegrounds mod

Download Survival: Fire Battlegrounds mod – Extreme battle for survival

Survival games are always the game genre that creates the most emotions for players. It pushes your ability and action to the highest level when falling into a situation where thousands of pounds hang a hair. Saving yourself by instinct and inner strength is what players can do. Its unique features, Survival: Fire Battlegrounds, push you into the battle between life and death. You will have to win the survival ticket against 99 other opponents. Everyone is determined to get this rare ticket at all costs. They will find a way to achieve their goals. This is a tough battle for the life that everyone cherishes.

Survival Fire Battlegrounds mod apk

With Survival: Fire Battlegrounds, you will start the challenge by choosing and naming your character. This is the person with whom you will accompany and fight in the battle for survival. Get familiar with the game’s controls and gameplay. When everything is ready, you can move to the starting station of the fight. Where the competition for life with 99 other individuals officially begins. It will take place on a unique island. There is only one way to defeat other opponents to become the last survivor. Take advantage of the items and buildings available on the island to get the most effective coping strategy. Every step must be careful but timely.

Survival Fire Battlegrounds mod android

The power of the weapon system

Weapons are indispensable in this arduous war. Still, the standard equipment from the gun system, such as pistols, shotguns, rifles… They are obtained when you can quickly detect and own them before other opponents also take them. To effectively use these weapons, you need to learn their information and characteristics. Apply in different situations to get maximum damage. Besides, it is also necessary to mention the role of hiding positions. Players can take advantage of buildings to dodge temporary attacks from opponents. It is also beneficial and essential, especially in this fierce battle for survival.

Survival Fire Battlegrounds mod download

Exciting game mode

In Survival: Fire Battlegrounds, gamers can choose the game mode that suits their preferences and abilities. The game offers a choice of different game modes. Specifically, there are modes such as story and campaign. Each mode brings fierce battles. The combat environment is tense and dramatic. Players have the opportunity to show off all their abilities and combat skills. Develop the struggle in your way.

Survival Fire Battlegrounds mod free

Loots and rewards

Countless loot and rewards can be obtained in Survival: Fire Battlegrounds. They are the recognition and compensation for what you have spent. Each type brings certain benefits to the player. The more you can own these items, the more survivability you can have. The opportunity to live is only one; you cannot lose it to someone else. Download Survival: Fire Battlegrounds mod beat other opponents to gain life for yourself on the island of death.

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