Survival and Craft MOD APK v316 (Menu/Cheat menu/Free shopping)

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NameSurvival and Craft
PublisherMegaplay Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu/Cheat menu/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Survival and Craft are about a flight that encounters a dangerous accident. Everyone has fallen into the sea, and you are one of the lucky ones to escape death. To continue living, you will have to face many challenges in the ocean. Difficulties will constantly strike, creating bad situations. You need to turn the situation around yourself, gather resources to maintain life. Use the raft to make shelter, avoid the attack of sharks. Ensure your own safety, earn a living to survive. Start with an arduous journey, an adventure on the vast sea.

Survival and Craft mod

Download Survival and Craft mod – Survival in the ocean

Survival simulator game and take action, join the dangerous journey. This will be an opportunity for you to show your strength and resilience in the face of difficulties. Resist the attack of sharks, build a stronger place to live. Survival and Craft will let you return to a survival life, experiencing all dangers. Hot weather, hungry shark is some of the disadvantages for you. The sharks can take your life at any time, and you need to focus on stopping them. Do everything you can to survive, don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation. Attack all the sharks, don’t let them disrupt the plan.

Survival and Craft mod free

Players will be present on an adventure on the sea with many great experiences. Leaving civilized life to a new living environment also brings many surprises. The only goal in Survival and Craft is to stay alive for the longest time, completing all missions. Do not let the sharks harm your life if you do not want the adventure to end soon. Improve your habitat, stock up on enough food, get ready for the challenges that will come. Step by step achieves the goal, defeat the hateful sharks and master the sea.

Survival and Craft mod download

Improve accommodation

Initially, there will be an old raft for you to reside temporarily. However, upgrading the raft is also essential, creating more advantages. Improve by building a sturdy raft, resistant to the impact of nature, enemies. Do crafting, use tools and pieces of wood to assemble. A good raft will help maintain the sea will also last longer. At the same time, it also makes it difficult for the shark to counterattack. Utilize wood and planks to create a finished raft. Build with high pillars, set up protective stakes around. Install more torch lights, expand the area to meet the needs of comfortable living. Confronting the waves, the surprise attacks from the sharks.

Survival and Craft mod apk

Life sustainment

To live in this place, the preparation of equipment and food is very important. Catch fish in the sea for food, grow vegetables and fertilize to have food to eat every day. Equip the necessary items and furniture to have the fullest life. Hunger and thirst are also significant threats to life, need to be sure to eat enough, drink enough water. Prepare clothes, weapons, support equipment during activities at sea. Crafting tools, producing food to survive. Living here also creates many significant obstacles and difficulties to face. However, the results received after completing the task are well worth it. With increased production, such as growing vegetables, fishing is also a way to create an abundant food source. Take advantage of the advantages, fight hard to keep your life.

Survival and Craft mod android

Utilize resources

The scarce resource has also created many unfavourable situations for players. Use hooks to get shards, boxes and things that benefit you. These resources will be materials to build rafts, offensive weapons. Collect all the necessary stuff, fully equipped to deal with the ocean challenge. Make tools and set up a specific plan to conquer the ocean step by step.

Survival on the ocean brings many exciting experiences for players. Try to overcome danger, attacks from sharks in the open sea. Download Survival and Craft mod to join the survival adventure journey.

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