Super Sus MOD APK (Menu/Much speed/Move)

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NameSuper Sus APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Much speed/Move
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

1.Much speed (buggy)
2. Can move always
3. Vote out
4. Be alive
5. Color the map

An imposing upgraded version of the hit game Among Us. But still maintaining the core of the success of this game is Super Sus. Welcome to the surreal 3D version of Among Us. A name that has made the gaming community more vibrant in the past few years. Play as the crew on the good or the space rogues on the evil side. You will take every action and use your mind to make your side win. Most of us know what the rules of Among Us are like. So what’s so special about this unorthodox upgraded version of Super Sus? Let’s find out together now.

Super Sus mod

Download Super Sus mod – The battle of thinking and responsiveness

You must have felt very familiar with the dramatic chases of the Impostor and Crewmate factions in Among Us, right? Every battle is an actual intellectual match, while the impostors will hide and destroy each crew member. Then the crews had to find them and get rid of the spaceship. The rules of the game seem to be simple but become complicated. The main reason is the map design of the levels and the dozens of interactions inside the spaceship that the crew has to make. In the meantime, the impostors will find ways to destroy the crew in silence. The gameplay is kept the same in this new version of Super Sus.

In the original Among Us version, you and the players will play in a 2D setting with many observable angles. From there, moving and performing tasks will become easier. But things will be pushed to a new level inside Super Sus because the entire game screen will be designed in a 3D environment. Characters can freely move to any angle and observe directly inside the spaceship. This makes the gameplay of Super Sus even more realistic because we can’t see anything behind our backs. Everything else is familiar and waiting for the player to start this intense mind match.

Super Sus mod apk

Choose a new location.

The most significant difference between Super Sus and Among Us is here. Usually, in the original version, each player on the crew side is almost the same. They all play the role of finding the impostors and kicking them out of the spaceship. Everyone can perform the necessary tasks inside the ship to complete the mission. Super Sus slightly improved the position of the crew by assigning each person a specific role. You can choose your role once you find a match. Engineers reduce the time it takes to perform tasks on board. Detectives rely on the clues of the killed to find the culprit. And there are many other exciting roles.

Super Sus mod apk free

Quality discussion tool

Whenever a crew is killed and discovered, all players initiate their discussion. Players use the game’s conversational system to communicate with each other. Chat box to type out essential details and concerns that need to be remembered. Of course, dead players won’t be able to join the discussion with everyone. This system works fine and will appear every time anyone is killed. This is when the crew prepares for their crime-solving journey. It’s also a time for imposters to use their reasoning abilities to cover themselves. At the end of the whole debate will come up with a plan to eliminate who.

Super Sus mod free

Fierce competition

A complete level in Super Sus will include ongoing tit-for-tat on both sides. With overwhelming numbers, the crew will have their tactics to bring the fakes to light. Meanwhile, the impostor must constantly hide and still destroy the dangerous crew. Killing an intelligent guy on the opposing side will quickly increase the probability of victory. It resulted from inference based on the map situation, each player’s location, the corpse’s location, and everyone’s actions and words. We will know clearly who is the most intelligent and capable of manipulating the crowd in Super Sus.

Super Sus free

The challenge is similar to Among Us but in a completely different 3D version. Learn more about the emerging mechanisms and how to operate them effectively. Super Sus can be considered an unofficial upgrade of Among Us. With many roles retaining their importance, each match will become more exciting and intense than ever. Download Super Sus mod to challenge your reasoning now.

Download Super Sus MOD APK (Menu/Much speed/Move) for Android

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