Super Run World MOD APK 0.8.82 (Menu/Free shopping)

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NameSuper Run World APK
PublisherDream Cool Game
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Super Run World establishes a race of the hero against the monster, controlling the speed and performing thrilling chases. You need to run to the dangerous places under the dungeon to save the princess, she is in danger. With the look of the legendary Mario, you start the race with flexible jumping and running movements. Just click on the screen, and you have successfully controlled your hero. This colorful character will do quests, completing challenges related to monsters. Space battle also has many separate versions, going through many places on the same level. Reach the perfect score and return to the destination safely, you will succeed.

Super Run Adventures mod

Download Super Run World mod – Princess rescue journey

When he sees his princess in danger, a prince immediately rushes forward, overcoming hundreds of challenges to complete the mission. The important girl makes you ignore the pitfalls around you and trade your life. Super Run World gives you five hearts corresponding to 5 plays, every time you lose one, you are making a chance to win again. It is possible to use all of those five hearts in one level, but it will make you more insecure than ever. This journey can last through many levels, requiring the player’s patience. You set goals and go on missions, but don’t forget to get rich. Collect mushrooms or coins to upgrade quickly.

Help the boy Mario overcome all challenges and accompany this character throughout the trip. The rankings list is also constantly updated, thanks to the great times of players. Your level is ranked at what level will be announced immediately after stopping the game. In exchange for meaningful lives to save the princess, you are willing to make sacrifices to do it. This adventure is not too risky but worth your headache. Obstacles abound on the track and more counterattacks from opponents. Successfully rescued, you have received the princess’s heart and risen in rank. So let’s compete for the highest prize now.

Super Run Adventures mod apk

Go through many levels

Super Run World lets you conquer eight levels with every player. One hundred forty-five puzzles have also been designed, the task right now is to solve them. Go up the ranks without hesitation, focusing on this game. Gaining many advancements in this rescue makes you stand out in the eyes of the princess. Exploring multiple spaces is what you’re trying to do. The places you go through can be dark tunnels, deep sea, or dreamy blue clouds. In addition, the stairs are randomly arranged on the screen, gaining strong momentum to stand firmly on those horizontal bars.

Super Run Adventures apk

The tycoon needs to be defeated

Seven types of bosses need to be destroyed immediately, you should be careful with them. On the way, countless super-evil monsters appear, and they want to hinder your way. Along with that are the challenges they pose for you, see what your reaction level is. Is it time to dodge powerful counterattacks from them or directly defeat them without hesitation? Obstacles are displayed on the road, depending on the height that Super Run World arranges. You need to develop specific defensive plans for this game to last long. It is also necessary to improve the strength and correct playing technique not to be defeated at the first play.

Super Run Adventures android

Speed ​​race

There is not much time left for you to hesitate to save the princess, everything is very urgent. It would be best if you pressed the screen correctly, missed your hand, and your hero could fall anytime. Jumping up, landing safely, and standing firmly on the steps are acceptable. Use these foot touches to build momentum for the next jump. Run through, run back to harvest mushrooms and coins, the more you have, the more points you get. You have to aim to become a super runner, mastering the speed on every track. Simple controls but requires high precision, you need to align the angle with flying and have an outstanding performance right away.

Super Run Adventures explores the colorful world with Mario, the boy on a mission to protect the princess. Challenges keep growing; you overcome them is a great success. Do not hesitate for the race, always be confident of winning. Constantly increasing speed, changing in time to survive the longest. Smooth interface, and a light touch can move. It is because of this understanding that makes your hero easy to loses control, sometimes in a hurry to make you make mistakes. Traverse the mushroom island, gather resources, and defeat the monster ravages. Download Super Run World mod, and participate in the world’s most fantastic running race.

Download Super Run World MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping) for Android

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