Super Cloner 3D MOD APK 1.6.4 (Unlimited money)

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NameSuper Cloner 3D APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Gold coins used will not decrease but will increase

Hit those who run away, not those who run back. This is a familiar idiom that we all know and understand its meaning. The implication of this idiom is to talk about the effect of changing the minds of people who make mistakes. With the game Super Cloner 3D mod, we will also find many similarities built and drawn from this idiom. Not the scary scenes of violence or gore. In this game, gamers will become change-makers with characters who were once their enemies. It sounds exciting and interesting, doesn’t it? Super Cloner 3D did not disappoint players. Fun gameplay with many humanistic meanings has conquered players. Super Cloner 3D is always an exciting challenge you are waiting to explore and conquer.

Super Cloner 3D mod

Download Super Cloner 3D mod – Become the strongest hero

Coming to Super Cloner 3D, you will have a long journey to become a hero. Your trophies are the enemies that you can collect. Players are likened to cloned heroes. Your mission is to chase and destroy the enemy. But that’s not to let these enemies disappear altogether. On the contrary, you will have to turn these villains into partners in the future. Moreover, players can also use these special allies to continue to complete the following clone missions. This is new and attractive gameplay.

Super Cloner 3D mod apk

Super Cloner 3D uses the familiar manual control mechanism. The main factor that determines the outcome of the game depends on the quickness of the hand and the eye. Fist and freezing are the two main features created in Super Cloner 3D. Not fussy and colorful, but the game still starts a unique attraction. Hundreds of challenging levels in Super Cloner 3D will be gradually explored and conquered. Any gamer must say about satisfaction right from the first game screen. Not only that, but Super Cloner 3D has become a phenomenon that attracts millions of players around the world. Show everyone the fantastic cloning you can create in Super Cloner 3D.

Defeat all enemies that stand in your way

Enemies are the main character class that gives battle colors in Super Cloner 3D. They are also quite diverse in every way, from strength to appearance. You will have a lot to do with these villains. Players can also lose their lives to these enemies. With their dominant eye, they can take down gamers if you let your guard down and let go. To conquer these dangerous enemies, players must have ingenuity and flexibility. Try to stay out of their sight and act quickly. Only then will you have the opportunity to defeat all opponents that stand in your way.

Super Cloner 3D mod android

Effective support weapon

The essential weapon in Super Cloner 3D is the boxing glove. They will help players create powerful punches. Although not as diverse as other action games. But the effect that the weapon brings to the player is not less effective at all. You will have to take advantage of and take advantage of these equipped weapons. The muscular strength that comes from the fists is increased many times with each type of glove. Every single enemy you kill, you’ve increased your physical strength to a new level. They will help players be able to deal with stronger enemies in the next level.

Hundreds of attractive customizations

Super Cloner 3D offers attractive customizations. With about 100 customizations, you will be free to change from the character’s costumes to the color variation for the gloves. Each type of customization offers certain benefits. It can be in terms of aesthetics or terms of strength. These changes will add excitement and novelty to players. Different emotions will promote the player’s ability better. Let’s explore these fascinating customizations in turn. It not only changes the game’s atmosphere but also creates excellent stimulation for gamers.

Super Cloner 3D mod download

Ability to gather energy

There is a unique advantage that players need to take advantage of. That is the ability to gather energy. When you have this, the character’s strength is greatly improved. This is an indispensable requirement if players want to conquer challenging levels. Powerful superheroes always have an overwhelming advantage over the ordinary. Download the Super Cloner 3D mod to become a hero with the ability to capture and clone all objects in the game.

Download Super Cloner 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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