Striker Zone MOD APK (Unlocked VIP/High aim)

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NameStriker Zone APK
PublisherXDEVS LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlocked VIP/High aim
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Striker Zone does shooting in the setting of Chernobyl, the groundbreaking action game. You will bring impressive journeys, putting the shots straight into the enemy’s head. You have no choice but to destroy the enemy. With a gun in hand, walk around the battlefield and find opponents. Those who are not worthy are eliminated immediately, do not let them abuse their evil plot. Choose good opportunities to act; work quickly when the opponent is not paying attention. There is not much time for you to roam or explore the terrain, use it to fight.

Striker Zone apk

Download Striker Zone mod – Become a professional shooter

The item that accompanies you during the trip is the gun. It can be short guns with short range or AKs that shoot intercontinental. The destructive power of each vehicle is different, depending on the specific situation with a handling strategy. Players know how to adjust the rate of fire and aim because the distance with the opponent is not the same. With aggressive enemies, you should deal with them early before discovering them. Until then, you can hardly keep your life; the enemy’s face-down shots overwhelm you. Instead, follow every enemy trail, stalking to achieve suspicious results.

Feeling the pressure in each match, players must automatically think of a plan to achieve the goal. The mission to destroy the enemies is difficult. You have to face them directly; hitting from behind is also a wise choice. The weapon you use must be the most modern to be able to fight at a higher level. The ultimate move will appear in turn, and the master is you. Act like professional raiders, gently and without leaving a trace. The sound of gunfire should also be reduced to avoid implicating other things. It would help if you dealt with each opponent in peace so as not to be detected.

Striker Zone

Explore new terrain

When taking on challenges, the problem of conquering the terrain in the Striker Zone is also something you should do. That way, you can expand your sights as well, as thanks to it, you can destroy more enemies. Convenient terrain is a big stepping stone for you to get closer to your opponent. Stand high, look down, raise the gun, and put the opponent in the sights. There are places where you hide behind a solid wall, move forward, and lower the trigger on the opponent. High-rise buildings turned into battlefields, and the forest was no exception. This game has explored many new terrains, tried new playgrounds, and unlocked the map at each level.

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Play with friends

Players can invite virtual or real friends into the Striker Zone to join the fight. They will fight with you or not; becoming an opponent should be fine. Initially, the player can only stop playing the solo battle mode, i.e, the challenge alone. After upgrading yourself to a certain level of stability, you can switch to playing with teammates. The whole group joins the challenge and needs a leader, and that’s you. Taking on many different roles in the same battle will make you grow faster. So play hard together, take your team to glory and get to the top of the leaderboard.

Striker Zone mod

Smooth control system

You can control smoothly with a wide viewing angle and easy rotation from left to right, even the back. Many battles are flexible, so you must improvise quickly according to each situation. The consecutive hits will take place in a short time; double-click vigorously to promptly counterattack. Changing guns and resupplying support tools are all displayed on the screen. This gives players a comprehensive view and quickly catches the things they need. All parameters are mined directly, so you don’t have to worry about which gun to use for that situation. So you must be quick and quick to deal with each opponent.

Striker Zone executes any battle between you and your opponent. They need an open playing field, and you also need to show your ability. Each side has different goals, opposing and going to war. As the master of the match, you are not allowed to appear weaker in moves. The peak plays will reach the highest mark, worthy of the ranking. Individual or team play skills are all agreed upon, and every area needs to be adjusted. It’s not easy to take down the opponent, especially on the more difficult levels. Join the challenge and actively discover the many new things available in this game. Download Striker Zone mod and shoot with friends and get many rewards.

Download Striker Zone MOD APK (Unlocked VIP/High aim) for Android

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