Stones & Sails MOD APK 1.56.0 (Moves/Wheel dosen't cost)

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NameStones & Sails APK
PublisherredBit games
MOD FeaturesMoves/Wheel dosen't cost
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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The manufacturer of reBit games has been the father of the popular Jelly Juice game for many years. Following the success of the puzzle genre, this company introduced the heavens of Stones and Sails. Although the same genre as Jelly Juice, Stones and Sails promises to contain a lot of new fun for users, anyone can download Stones and Sails from Google Play to enjoy hundreds of thousands of moments of entertainment. In this product, reBit games tell the story of a mighty pirate world. Will that plot turn the puzzle game Stones and Sails into horror and horror? Perhaps invite you to experience Stones and Sails and give the answer.

Stones and Sails mod

Download Stones & Sails mod – Puzzle in the pirate world

Stones and Sails welcomes you with the brilliance of tropical marine nature. Here, players will join a famous pirate crew. But don’t worry, this pirate crew is fun and exciting. Stones and Sails will introduce you to Captain Lizzy, Ottavio, and even Marcel. During the journey, players will have time to get to know these companions. They had many spectacular trips, like in the novel. When you become a teammate at Stones and Sails, you are fortunate to have these sea heroes tell you about their journey. Despite bearing the name of pirates, the trio mentioned above are hilarious and talented. They are experts on the seven great seas.

Stones and Sails apk

Through the leadership of Captain Lizzy and a member of the pirate crew, you will reach very cool locations. Some islands seem to have sunk deep under the ocean or have never been discovered by anyone. However, teammates need to use their wits to solve puzzles to get there. Surely you will not regret supporting them in their journey to conquer the sea, right? Quickly put aside your worries and worries to step on the exciting train Stones and Sails brings. Go sailing, adventure, and explore. Hundreds of challenging levels of the sea are waiting for you. Activate neurons to perform Stones and Sails missions and help teammates.

Stones and Sails mod apk

Jigsaw stones

The puzzles of the Stones and Sails are hidden in the colored stones. The sea has marked them with the shape of snails, starfish, or turtles and squids. Like other match-three games, you must create the required combinations. Depending on the level, the puzzle will be set differently. That’s why Lizzy, Ottavio, and Marcel need your help. Besides, Stones and Sails also contain unique stones. They can solve puzzles at a much faster rate. To collect this item, players must create super combos. Besides, Windwheels or Hammers are also tools of Stones and Sails to help you complete the challenge more easily.

Stones and Sails android

Discover the mysterious treasure chest

you, Lizzy, and your teammates will find many exciting things in the journey across the great seas. Among them, the treasure chests left by the pirates contain many mysteries that have never been revealed. Solve puzzles and see the keys to these special chests. In addition, Stones and Sails also require you to collect enough stars to pass the levels. Don’t miss the chance to get lots of treasures for your pirate crew. Although Stones and Sails have simple gameplay, the challenge is constantly renewed. Take advantage of this opportunity to unleash your pirate potential. Many fertile islands need to be discovered and put on the world map.

Stones and Sails apk free

Unlock new islands

Stones and Sails is a simulation of a long journey at sea. The cartoon characters of this game have to overcome many challenges to cross the ocean’s waves. Every island they set foot on is a precious experience. Moreover, Stones and Sails also requires perseverance and discipline from the player. You cannot reach your destination or bypass any obstacles. Each island is unlocked only when you have fulfilled the necessary conditions. Therefore, focus on solving puzzles to bring the pirate train to more exciting lands. Please do not rush to think that the deserted islands in the sea are tasteless because there’s more to them than you think.

Credit games have refreshed the familiar match-three puzzle game through Stones and Sails. A pirate ship has never been so cute and fun, perhaps because the characters are built like a cartoon title with a plot of its own. Hundreds of puzzles and challenges must be done to help them complete their journey of discovery. Download Stones and Sails mod and become a puzzle pirate to find treasure.

Download Stones & Sails MOD APK (Moves/Wheel dosen't cost) for Android

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