Stick Shadow Fighter MOD APK 1.2.4 (Dumb enemy/Unlimited skill)

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NameStick Shadow Fighter APK
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy/Unlimited skill
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Stick Shadow Fighter organizes the best duels on the planet, boxing athletes will appear. Everyone’s appearance is strong, the attacks are expected to send the opponent flying right to the floor. Players control a character they love, moving smoothly to counterattack and dodge in time. The characters here are depicted as famous legendary superheroes in the boxing world. Tournaments are for those who are passionate about fists and can control them. Show your talent in leading your members, helping them go deep into the games. The results you achieve are always taken away for review in the ranking.

Stick Shadow Fighter apk free

Download Stick Shadow Fighter mod – Challenging boxing

Attacks from the hero always have the potential of lasting power. Players use their inherent abilities with new moves. The playing field is expanded to the whole world; your opponents are now strangers. Enemies have never met but always carry a great grudge; you are ready to defeat the enemy to win. Supreme warriors promise to bring great experiences for yourself and your opponents. This boxing requires strong force; you must focus on putting strength into your fists. Conquer large arenas to expand your skills as well as try new environments.

Stick Shadow Fighter apk

You came here to fight for legendary fame, reverberating throughout the world. Whether your future becomes a god or not depends on your level and the process of your efforts. Each person will have their journey, great moves, and different strategies. The fist’s power is now used, besides the merits of your smooth control. Make your character go up or down and jump high flexibly, suitable for your situation. Choose an object to challenge or let Stick Shadow Fighter randomly arrange it. The dream of becoming the world’s top boxing hero begins.

Stick Shadow Fighter mod apk

Skills and combos

Your body is solid but not massive, so you can’t use meat to crush you. You must use more skills to fight against opponents, especially taking advantage of power combos. There will be breakthrough rays of light, breaking new energy. Possessing unprecedented types of power, with the help of thunder and lightning, you have made the opponent lie down. If the opponent lies on the floor too long, a whistle command is a result; you are the winner. The fighting distance of athletes is flexible when they meet apart. Usually,  you will use more power combos in space because it is the ideal condition to explode.

Stick Shadow Fighter mod

Diversity of warriors

Stick Shadow Fighter gives players a collection of 46 hero members. Each person’s fighting style is unique and comparable to the other. The list of legendary characters is always worthy of your conquest. Whether your hero has an outstanding appearance is also due to the player’s upgrade process. Collect super-strong warriors on the team, and send the right people to participate in tournaments. You must understand your character and set up the most appropriate training sessions. Excellent incarnation in front of the opponent, giving huge counterattacks. Whose hand will the superhero boxing reputation belong to?

Stick Shadow Fighter

Flexible game mode

Players will experience four basic game modes that Stick Shadow Fighter creates. The competition mode is one-on-one; choose the warrior you want to challenge. In this mode, winning is extremely important because it will allow you to decide the next three rounds. Story mode expands your journey and adventure to many parts of the world. Entering the more intense moment is tournament mode. At this point, you will make 16 matches, meeting all famous faces. Defeat them all to become the strongest warrior. Finally, the practice mode takes the time to hone your skills and build the image you aim for.

Stick Shadow Fighter is more about tournaments for stick people; they will develop boxing prowess. Martial arts fights require more skill than usual. It would be best to practice setting the speed of reflexes when meeting the opponent’s fist. Every journey has difficulties, and playing in any mode is challenging. You can’t dodge the opponent’s counterattacks forever. Basic controls, just touching the screen, can be done. Face the big guys in the boxing world, and try it. Allow yourself to advance and develop. Download Stick Shadow Fighter mod, and destroy all invaders in the dark.

Download Stick Shadow Fighter MOD APK (Dumb enemy/Unlimited skill) for Android

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