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NameStick Army APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/One hit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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History, from ancient to modern, has recorded countless wars and conflicts. There are myriad reasons for people to start a war. But no matter which side the victory is on, the pain left by the war will not be erased. When it comes to war, the most challenging and sacrificing force is the army. They rushed to the battlefield with more courage and indomitable spirit than anyone. Although it is not known whether they will survive to return or not, the soldiers have never faltered. To better understand army soldiers, try DIVMOB’s Stick Army right away. This game will help you better understand the pain of war.

Stick Army mod

Download Stick Army mod – Build stickman army

Stick Army belongs to the genre of strategy games. Because of the fierceness of the war and the slight gore images, this game is only for you seven years old and up. Coming to Stick Army, players will become talented army commanders. There will be more than 30 armies with different combat abilities. They are all gifted citizens. But whether combining talented people into a team is successful depends on your strategy. In this game, all soldiers are stick people with simple shapes. The remarkable thing is that each soldier wears a mortar hat. It is a familiar symbol of military forces.

Stick Army apk

Players need to recruit troops to get a force ready to fight for the country. There will be an area called the recruitment camp. It’s located in the blue hat icon on your desktop. This is the place to help you find the heroes defending the country. The selection work must be meticulous in finding the most healthy and elite. They will become the elite force going to the front, directly holding guns to fight. The resting place of soldiers is also thoughtfully arranged at the barracks, represented by a solid citadel with a peaceful green flag. If you want more weapons, go to the black market to find the necessary items for the army.

Stick Army android

Take part in epic battles between nations

After the army is carefully selected, they will go to the battlefield. It was the place where the epic war between nations took place. In terms of appearance, all our enemy troops are the exact stick figure. However, you can distinguish them through color. For example, your piece is blue, and the opponent’s piece is red. Based on the color of the two rebels, the health bar also shows the battle status. When the blue team soldiers kill most red team soldiers, the blue color will prevail on the health bar. You can see the soldiers mainly use guns to fight. However, in Stick Army, other weapons exist, such as grenades.

Stick Army mod apk

Experience combat on many terrains

When war breaks out, the battlefield can be anywhere. Prepare your soldiers with a strong mentality. They must be alert and ready to fight at all times. At the same time, train your army to fight on many terrains. The confrontation can take place on the street or in an open field. In this case, the two sides will face-to-face and directly destroy the enemy with existing weapons. The battle can occur on a floating ship or in a deep underground trench in more complex cases. With that terrain, the enemy can hide and attack you by surprise. Be quick and quick.

Stick Army apk free

Protect your teammates

In the military environment, solidarity is indispensable. The principle of the army is to use the collective to forge the individual. That’s how a team can be strong from the ground up. Moreover, the soldiers far from home and away from home were very lonely, so they had to rely on each other to live. If you see your teammates in danger on the battlefield, quickly save them. You can use shields to help your teammates avoid enemy bullets. In Stick Army, soldiers can communicate with each other with convenient radios. In addition, there is a first aid kit available for emergencies. It is indeed a very thoughtful preparation from the manufacturer.

Stick Army is an excellent game about war. It provides users with an authentic combat experience every second of every minute. From deep bunkers and battleships to tanks, all are designed to look like the real thing. Indeed, it is only when we experience a simulated war that we partially understand the difficulty of the peacekeeping forces. Download Stick Army mod and command the army to fight.

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