Stealth Master MOD APK 1.12.8 (Unlimited money/God mode)

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NameStealth Master APK
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
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  • Unlimited money


  • God mode

A professional assassin, with a lot of power, can attack all enemies. Have you ever thought that you would become an assassin? Stealth Master will help you do that easily. Has the ability to fight and resist all enemies. Complete missions, participate in bloody attacks. You will be a warrior fighting on all fronts. Play as a masked guy, step into each battle screen. Assert your ability and strength against all opponents. Destroy all enemy forces quickly. Stealth Master will be a place for players to conquer all challenges and dangers.

Stealth Master mod

Download Stealth Master mod – Ninja assassin participates in every battle

The Ninja theme is no longer strange, appearing through movies. Now, that is also faithfully reproduced through games. Ninja assassins with many unique talents, ready to fight in many battles. Stealth Master allows players to choose characters to accompany in fighting. Quests from there will also be provided in turn. You will have to go through challenges, facing many opponents. The outcome after each battle will also depend on the player. Courage and determination will be the factors that help players achieve the goal. Equip skills to be able to deal with enemy forces in any case.

Stealth Master mod apk

The game will let you get the tactics of the mysterious martial art from Japan. Transform into a hero and fight against many powerful forces. The gameplay is dramatic and not easy at all. Start with easy to difficult levels, experience many battles. Combined with many special attacks from martial arts, destroying evil objects. There are many items and weapons for you to choose from. Start with the levels and complete the missions well.

Stealth Master mod download

Destroy the gangs

Eliminating opponents is the main task that you need to do in Stealth Master. Move to the location of the enemy and their location. When you get there, the dangers will gradually come, and you have to face them. Even death can happen, and that is entirely undesirable. Play as a Ninja with skills, strength to fight. Hit the targets, find the leader of the gang. Destroy all of their forces, there is no way to survive.

Stealth Master mod android

Mission contract

The Stealth Master will provide you with quest contracts to perform. Complete each assigned task in the best way. At the same time rely on the clues and find the evil boss. Each contract will be different tasks. You will also take on each position separately, attacking the boss of the enemy. Completing the assigned tasks, players will get bonuses. Move to each location to eliminate the bad guys. Once you arrive at the enemy base, you will have to go through a lot of dangers. Contracts come up with countless jobs for assassins. Collect more items and skills to overcome them all.

Stealth Master mod free

Skills and weapons

Your experience will be enhanced through many battles. Experiences will be drawn and stronger. In addition to weapons that are swords, Stealth Master has much more than that. The gun is also a weapon equipped by the Stealth Master. You can shoot enemies from a distance, attack in quick succession. A unique arsenal will help you gain more power. Fight and destroy more enemies, increasing the possibility of strong damage. Choose the right weapon to perform the attack. Combine with many tactics to thoroughly fight the enemy. Carefully prepare all equipment before going to battle, there are fighting smart ways. Win the matches, despite the opponents.

As a Ninja, destroy all enemies. Perform quests and try to fight in different battles. Adapted from the techniques of ancient Japanese heroes. Upgrade and collect more weapons from participating in combat. Download Stealth Master mod against evil enemies.

Download Stealth Master MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode) for Android

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