Stay Alive MOD APK 0.17.0 (Dumb enemy)

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NameStay Alive APK
PublisherPixel Force Ltd
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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What will life be like when there are zombies? The answer will be answered when you play Stay Alive. The game will let you witness the whole happening face the bloodthirsty zombies. Fight to bring peace to the world, not let them destroy life. Dangerous journey with challenges will be obtained. Courage and smart attack will help overcome all obstacles. Protect the base safely, making human life no longer threatened. Participate in battles, show your strength in each duel. Eliminate the bloodthirsty monsters from the area in the fastest time.

Stay Alive mod

Download Stay Alive mod – Survive in the scary apocalyptic world

The outbreak of the virus, the epidemic is making the whole world chaotic. People infected with the disease will no longer have humanity, unable to control their actions. They will become zombies and continue to harm the survivors. To prevent that danger, you will have to stand up for yourself. Make a broad attack on all ranges join other warriors in battle. Combine to create a powerful destructive attack. All of them will continuously appear in large numbers, leaving you to face a series of dangers. Determined to conquer victory bring peace to the whole world.

Stay Alive mod free

Stay Alive is still a familiar action game built on the backdrop of raging zombies. Their destructive power is extreme, able to destroy everything. Just make a mistake, you will be eaten alive by them. Control the hero to move to enemy positions perform all blocking actions. Show bravery in the face of danger, do not let the enemy achieve the goal. Surviving in a world where death is always near is a big challenge. Do you dare to face the zombies, attack them?

Build a defense base

Habitat needs to be built in a mysterious place that can save lives. Implement traps build more fences to protect the surrounding. Use the available resources to build a house get a solid base. Stay Alive will also provide machine tools to help speed up the completion. Return to rest after each battle, hide when the zombie force appears too crowded. Reinforce walls and floors, expand the area as you like. Summon more soldiers to guard prevent timely action from zombies. Don’t let them destroy the base, make a tight defense.

Stay Alive mod android

Recruit mercenaries

Defend the area and safety with the soldiers. They will be ready to destroy any object that enters your range. A core force, creating formidable power to make the opponent pay. As you gain more experience, the player can join soldiers to destroy the enemy’s base. Coordinate in each hit, creating destructive power that no one can stop. Improve survival after each battle strengthens the ability to kill zombies. Train new skills for each soldier accompany them in fighting. Upgrade your warrior through each level, don’t give in to the zombies.

Stay Alive mod download

Upgrade warrior

The difficulty and danger will increase when participating in the following battles. Zombies also become more assertive, and it is not easy to destroy them. You need to upgrade your hero equip them with powerful weapons. Customize the outfit, the suit you want for the warrior. Choose the right gun to aim and shoot at, confront all enemies. Stay Alive offers a lot of different equipment for players to choose from. Collect more items during the battle. Build a powerful army with enough fighting power to make the enemy fall.

Surviving in a world always under attack from zombies is always dangerous. Stay Alive is the place for players to face that duel before a series of zombies. Attack other bases, win each match. Download Stay Alive mod the war to destroy bloodthirsty zombies.

Download Stay Alive MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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