Specimen Zero MOD APK 1.1.1 (Menu/God mode/Unlocked)

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NameSpecimen Zero APK
PublisherCafé Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • Give all keys, equipment
  • Remove all planks
  • Bypass door code
  • Unlimited wood
  • Unlimited torch battery
  • Torch brightness

You wake up to find yourself in a dark place in Specimen Zero. Those monsters will always stick around, doing actions to harm you. The task that you will need to do is to escape from this place quickly. Do not let life fall into the hands of those evil creatures. Go to a place with light, giving you the most safety. Start with a journey to escape from here.

Specimen Zero mod

Download Specimen Zero mod – Escape from danger

A fan of horror movies, suspenseful episodes. Now, that has also been shown through games for you to experience. APKMODEL.COM will introduce you to an attractive game, bringing many horror experiences. That is Specimen Zero, for those who like this game genre. Conquer complex challenges and take courage in the face of gruesome scenes. Every detail of images and movements has shown the publisher’s investment. Bringing the most realistic look to the player, sometimes it even makes you startled and scared.

Specimen Zero mod apk

Players will play the role of the main character, amazed at what is happening. After waking up and thinking for a moment, you suddenly remember that you have been kidnapped. In the dark scene, the strange sounds also made shivers. Monsters walk around every corner, you will need to calm down and find a way to escape. Secret buildings, hospitals, laboratories will be the place where many mysteries take place. In front of you are now countless evil monsters, they will take their lives at any time. Escape from this area as quickly as possible if you don’t want to die.

Specimen Zero mod free

Looking for a way out

Lots of nooks and crannies in the rooms that you’ll walkthrough. Observe and find the way out in the fastest time. The scene is dark and scary, and there is a constant pursuit from demons. Do not make noise so that they cannot detect your location. All the rooms are divided with countless passages. Life or death will all depend on the player’s ability. Just hearing a sound or any sound from you, the monster will rush to close immediately. Focus on observing and coming to the right safe exits to preserve life. Survive the fierce pursuit, defend yourself in dangerous locations. Collect more support items during the move, which is the luggage for you to overcome the challenge.

Specimen Zero mod android

Coordinate with friends

Players can also combine with their friends to join the escape. Create a private room and invite more friends in to deal with enemies. Play with multiplayer mode, coordinate closely to be able to escape as quickly as possible. This adventure, with a lot of challenges created, is the place for players to conquer. Agility, courage to move forward will be the decisive factor to victory. It will also become more accessible with teammates to fight the other demons. Choosing the multiplayer mode will also bring a lot of great experiences.

Check the camera

Right in the area where you are, there will still be active cameras. Take advantage and observe through the camera system to be able to detect the steps of the monster quickly. Includes many different cameras installed and viewable in every room. Checking through the camera will help you have timely solutions, not being surprised by the actions of the demons.

Specimen Zero mod download

Collect the weapons in the room

The demons always have great power, and they can take your life in an instant. You cannot confront them without a weapon. Collect and equip the necessary weapons. The types of guns to shoot from a distance, rifles, shotguns and cannons… Choose the suitable types to counter-attack the opponent. All guns bring extensive damage, helping to eliminate enemies quickly. Is powerful equipment to help the player will attack all monsters. Find a way to escape this place and earn many valuable items and equipment.

Facing fearsome monster forces, calmness and determination will determine victory or defeat. Their number of armies is quite large, creating many difficulties for you. Explore many locations, darkest areas and destroy all enemies. Assert the power, rescue yourself out of this area. Download Specimen Zero mod to survive the chases from the devil.

Download Specimen Zero MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Unlocked) for Android

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