Space Decor: Mansion MOD APK 1.0.12 (Unlimited money)

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NameSpace Decor: Mansion APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Space Decor: Mansion begins your home improvement journey with your style. Design talent will be maximized in this challenge. New works are born one after another, you will have a separate view from others to create beautiful houses. You go to different missions for more opportunities to buy new space and perform decoration directly there. Through different levels, new drawings have been updated; you are also a contributor to the collection’s wealth. So many houses are completed, and they will be displayed in the game’s catalog. Try your decorating skills, and show off your top taste.

Space Decor Mansion apk free

Download Space Decor: Mansion mod – Dream villa design

Coming up with new designs for houses is your main task. Players will make the perfect drawings, and every nook and cranny in a room will be filled. With fine furniture, beautiful will give a complete home. To get that resource, you will do a simple but fun match 3 game that will help you to collect. It is also an opportunity to buy items of great value and return them to your home. Design the house yourself, and turn small rooms into large ones. Combine multiple indoor areas into one giant, luxurious, or vintage-style villa, it’s up to you.

Space Decor Mansion mod apk

You get design inspiration from many different sources, Space Decor: Mansion also offers a few templates for your reference. If you can create more by yourself, the better, you will promote your creativity. This challenge prioritizes for players to own a unique mansion. What you bring is the perfect work, each room has its comfort. Full tables and chairs, decorative items, pictures, or small details such as vases are also used. Arranging everything scientifically will create a feeling of more open space. The colors should also have a certain harmony, not letting everything look full of eyes but become cluttered.

Space Decor Mansion android

Puzzle challenge

Match-3 puzzle will accompany you to join this mission. This is the playground that gives you valuable results in making decorations. Match 3 identical squares vertically or horizontally to break it. Space Decor: Mansion will give you a requirement for a certain number of items, your task is to collect them by matching tiles. If you match 4 matching tiles, it will give you power energy. Match 5 cells, the more explosive there will be surprises. Find the same tiles, and merge them to find the vital thing. Pass the levels to get many bonuses and have the opportunity to shop for furniture.

Space Decor Mansion apk

Explore more space

Going from Paris to Tokyo, from New York to London, the bustling neighborhoods of the world. Set foot in many new lands to take on more challenges. You will be surprised at each space you conquer, there are many things you need to work on. The world is in your hands, how to explore it is up to you. Be proactive in unlocking more destinations to take on the challenge. The more designs you release, the more you conquer the rankings. Wherever you go, you can build a villa there, that’s how you are. Space Decor: Mansion has prepared a map for you to explore and travel worldwide.

Space Decor Mansion mod

Renovating the rooms

Instead of just designing a new model, you can also renovate the old house. The cramped or spartan spaces are transformed into new spaces. From an old, empty house with nothing to a fully furnished place, many styles were recreated during this renovation. When renovating the house, you only need to buy more furniture or decorations, and the body of the house is already available. Each place will be associated with new styles; you must be flexible. Release many notable works, and transform the room in a single note. Finally, be the owner of the most beautiful home spaces in the city.

Space Decor: Mansion transforms with you into an engineer specializing in home design. You can explore stories depending on the situation, approaching many issues. Players also build a separate journey, collecting coins and diamonds each. Integrate many designed spaces so that when you look back, you are talented. Unique inspirations are always popular and appreciated by others. You work hard to solve puzzles daily to increase shopping opportunities for the mansion. Download Space Decor: Mansion mod, and start designing luxurious and smooth rooms.

Download Space Decor: Mansion MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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