Space Decor MOD APK 5.0.8 (Unlimited money)

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NameSpace Decor APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Space Decor gives you free time to fulfil your dreams and ambitions, which is home design. The space you create must be unique and bring your style. Previous legendary works also appeared, and players can rely on that idea. Moreover, as the mysterious story begins to unfold, you will be swept away by them. Go from the most miniature houses to giant mansions. The rankings show your wealth through massive buildings and various interior decorations. Players are free to explore new destinations, constantly expanding their territory.

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Download Space Decor mod – Show your house design talent

The players build houses with a lot of enthusiasm because you have to do it through many games to make it: design typical homes, hotels or restaurants, all kinds of shapes for you to try. Change from many perspectives, and create masterpieces of the work you will succeed. The results named after you will increasingly expand to the world; wherever you go, you will leave memories. In addition, each person’s creative talent is different, so there is no overlap. You have to give Space Decor magnificent villas in all colours. Modern or classic style is up to you to decide.

Space Decor

The next thing when building a house frame is decoration. Space Decor in the system regularly updates new interior models. Players start shopping or exchanging to get those interior designs to decorate. You should also pre-define your home style and choose the right furniture from the bed, the table, the painting, the closet or the light bulb. Every item in the house is also set up in the appropriate place. Arrange and decorate each small corner, sometimes simple but beautiful, don’t try to cram a lot of furniture in a house. Then, take an overview and admire the work that you have formed.

Space Decor apk

Do a match-3 puzzle

This match 3 game is familiar, easy classic gameplay that anyone can join. Swap the positions of the squares with the same symbol to make three cells of the same colour on the same row. You can match bowls, plates, cups, hearts, pillow shapes, and more as long as the same colours are placed in the same position vertically or horizontally, and three or more cells can be broken. Every time you smash like that, you get many trophies. To be more explosive, players should have combined moves between 4 or 5 cells of the same colour together. Make sure to have the required number of items without using more than a fixed turn.

Space Decor mod apk

Follow the story

The stories will definitely happen when you are the person who directly builds the house and is the main character in Space Decor. You can interact with kind neighbours, get to know strangers or find love. Exciting events every week provide endless inspiration. Players feel each plot given, follow and understand the problem. With more relationships, your construction life is also much more fun. The opportunity to meet the world’s greatest architect is entirely possible. Do not miss any stories related to you; open your heart to receive many new friends. The report will be up to you to decide on the development and the ending.

Space Decor mod

Discover many styles

It can take a long time to have an initial definition of your style. But once you have inspiration, it’s easy to make later designs. Every place you go is a different style; the choice is up to you. Try to experience the Mediterranean, the European, classic style is also good. Either way, you go, you will find this journey interesting. New spaces are flipped open, and your home also increases rapidly—Crush match-3 puzzles for a chance to get a high score. Compete with your family and friends to add attraction and attraction to each turn.

Space Decor suggests a lot of space to design homes; all works are made by yourself. Each house has a different design and colour, romantic with pink or firm with blue. There are many choices; it’s important how you combine those colours. Arrange the interior so that it is beautiful without being too complicated. Balance in a space is something you need to do, perfectly to get a high score. Choose your favourite style and become a professional designer. Download Space Decor mod, realize your dream of building your own house.

Download Space Decor MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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